Marigalante Pirate Ship

Puerto Vallarta


Built using over 30 species of tropical woods


Mexican dining room below deck


An exact replica of the famous “Santa María”


Capacity for a total of 240 passengers

The Marigalante Galleon

Made of 100% real wood An exact replica of the famous “Santa María” from Columbus maiden voyage to the New World. Weighs approximately 700 Tons. 3 wooden masts with triangular sails. Four impressive decks with a capacity for a total of 240 passengers.

Dining area with capacity for 240 passengers in two separate sessions for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Air conditioning in dining area, with 30 cubic tons of capacity. Fully equipped stainless steel kitchen facilities on board. A fully-stocked bar with a capacity for serving 220 passengers. Professional sound and light equipment for pirate shows. Twenty fire extinguishers with 5 liters of ABC liquid retardant.

Main features and equipment

  • Built over a period of 7 years, from 1980 to 1987, by the “Mar, Hombre y Paz” Civil Association
  • Built using over 30 species of tropical woods, including Guayacan, Paradise Tree, Oak, Machicle, Pucté, Rosewood, Ironwood, Caoba, Cedar.
  • Galleon-type vessel
  • Technical Name: Carraca
  • Length: 48 meters, 30 centimeters (approximately 159 feet)
  • Width: 11 meters, 30 centimeters (approximately 37 feet)
  • Height: 4 meters (approximately 13 feet from the hull)
  • Three masts measuring 12 meters, 16 meters and 21 meters in height (39′, 52.’ and 69′)
  • New sails with a total surface of 400 sq. meters. (Over 4,300 sq. ft.)
  • Gross weight of the craft: 100 metric tons
  • Mexican dining room below deck
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • One bar
  • Professional sound system
  • Five washrooms for ladies and five for gentlemen
  • Three tenders for transportation and maneuvers
  • Two inflatable “bananas” for banana rides
  • Eight kayaks
  • Fifteen boogie boards
  • Life jackets for all
  • Snorkeling masks
  • Floating swim fins