Frequently Asked Questions

Pirate Ship Vallarta

Q: What is the maximum capacity per tour that you operate?

A: Pirate Ship Puerto Vallarta has one Galleon, Marigalante, which has a maximum capacity of 220 passengers.

Q: I am vegetarian; is there a way for me to have a vegetarian meal?

A: Of Course, please let us know at time of reservation.

Q: I have my ticket pre-book do I still need to check-in?

A: Once at the Maritime Terminal, it is really important to come and exchange your ticket for your boarding pass at our Pirate booth located right next to the main entrance. Don’t worry you can’t miss us!

Q: How do I get there?

A: Easy, our tours depart from the Maritime Terminal. For the hotels located in Puerto Vallarta Area, any local bus saying Wal-Mart will drop you right in from of the Pier. Local bus cost: $10.00 pesos.

Q: Are your ships friendly use for my wheelchair?

A: Our ships have very wide space to handle a wheelchair. Plus we will organize for your transportation inside the Maritime Terminal from the main entrance to our ships. Don’t forget to let us know your needs at the time of reservation, so we can provide you a better service.

Q: Can I have a private group or a wedding onboard?

A: Of course, we have been handling different types of groups from all over the place. We can do private group or in a share basis. Please send us all your information about your group (Minimum 10 Adults) and a little description of what you are looking for at: Groups

Q: I never know how much I should give as gratuities/tips what do you recommend to me?

A: We recommend $50.00 pesos or $5.00 Dollars per person. If you feel like your personal pirate deserve more, than feel free to do so. Remember gratuities are always at your discretion. Another $10.00 to $20.00 pesos can also be given to the people who are cooking for you. You can leave your gratuities for them in our dining room at time of dinner.

Q: What can be done in case of an emergency?

A: All our staff is trained to act immediately & know exactly what to do in case of emergency, the Ships are equipped with radio communication directly with the Port Authorities. We have life jacket on board for everybody and emergency boats available at all times.

Q: Do I have to bring extra money for souvenirs and pictures?

A: Yes, we provide photos and video service on board of our tours. We also have a Pirate Boutique onboard where you can buy souvenir.