Naval Museum

The Puerto Vallarta Naval Museum and the Naval Historical Center thrive to preserve the rich marine heritage and culture of Mexico. Since 2006, educating visitors on positive effects of the Mexico’s Navy has always been its number one goal. The Puerto Vallarta Naval Museum and Naval Historical Center is located next to the Los Arcos on the Malecon Boardwalk which is a famous landmark in old town Puerto Vallarta. The facility is colonial-style, and over the years it has also served as the Port Authority office, the Navy Hospital, and then the Navy Headquarters. You should make sure you visit PV’s Naval Museum to learn about the rich history and to escape the heat and humidity outside.

naval museum

Maritime History in Mexico

A day spent at the Naval Museum will take you back into time when the maritime history in Mexico began. You will learn about the rich heritage and past of Puerto Vallarta and its originations as a port city. There are amazing exhibits such as the Nao ships encounters. The museum features the port’s trade with other ports and its history, sea journey documentation, and during wartime an explanation on how the bay was defended. The museum has five exhibit rooms that features artifacts, photos, documents, and paintings. You will understand the importance on the naval history in Mexico and how it has evolved. There are original naval uniforms on display, and the naval uniforms were actually worn by soldiers throughout the years.

Navigation Exhibitions

If you have always dreamed of becoming one with the ocean waters, your dream can become a reality when you explore old and modern vessels on display at the Naval Museum. When you watch the museum’s audio and visual exhibits, you will be as excited as you are when you are sailing on the open seas. These interactive exhibits will enable you to get to see what it actually feels like to maneuver a large vessel across the waters and through different environments and meteorological conditions. When you see the navigation instruments and charts that are displayed, you will release the sailor spirit that you have inside you.

History and Legends of the Deep

On April 21, 1914 an important historical event occurred in Mexico. A group of young men fought and defended the Veracruz port against the naval school, and this occurred during the second North American Invention. You will also get to see how sailors keep themselves occupied and entertained while they were out at sea for months. They would often place a mythological creature that was quite terrifying on the navigation charts so that their co-sailors would be scared and alert at the same time, too.

When to Visit PV’s Naval Museum

You can visit PV’s Naval Museum anytime of the year, but at times it is less costly. The fee is 45 pesos for general admission and for children, teachers, senior citizens, and for students the fee is just 30 pesos. Anyone with a disability or children under six years of age will not have to pay. The Naval Museum is open from Tuesday through Sunday between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The next time you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, you will want to make sure you visit the Naval Museum. It is an amazing historical experience that you and your family will enjoy!