PV Hot List: Try Yoga on a Paddleboard

Are you a fan of PV and looking for the hottest trend to try out? Well it goes without saying that Puerto Vallarta is home to tons of incredible outdoor activities, many of which are water related. Whether you enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, or scuba diving, PV is the place to go. In recent years, paddleboarding has become an increasingly popular activity across the world including right here in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, Puerto Vallarta has hosted the National Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship and Festival. Even if you aren’t a pro, paddleboarding is a fun activity that can get you out on the water enjoying the beauty that Banderas Bay exudes. So here’s the twist: Have you ever heard of paddleboarding yoga? Read more to learn about this unique take that combines the best of two awesome activities that both novices and expert athletes  can appreciate.   

How Paddleboarding Started

You may be surprised but paddleboarding actually dates back to the late 1920’s when Thomas Edward Blake created the first paddleboard. Blake worked as a Hawaiian board restoration expert for the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Blake built a replica of the previously ignored olo surfboard that was used in ancient Hawaii, and the paddleboard was born. He drilled the board full of holes (which were then covered) to create a modern, lighter board. Today, there are many versions and sizes of paddle boards, but Blake’s original 1926 design remains the one that started it all.

Modern Paddleboarding Plus Yoga

Paddleboarding experienced a renaissance in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980’s when surf journalist Craig Lockwood created a paddleboard which he called the “Waterman.” His revamped design is still popular today.  Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years, but the idea of doing yoga on a paddleboard is a modern concept. Whether you are a skilled yogi or just starting out, give it a try. This unique blend of exercise and tranquility as you stretch and practice yoga postures on top of a paddleboard is an experience like no other.  

Take a Paddleboard Yoga Class

Would you rather have a little instruction before you give it a try for yourself? In Puerto Vallarta, each Sunday in front of Barracuda Restaurant  you can take a paddleboard yoga class for $500 pesos which works out to about $30 USD and includes the cost of your board rental. The 90 minute paddleboard yoga class is the perfect chance to learn key tips and instruction to get you feeling comfortable and ready to enjoy this water sport. Class also includes access to a shower post-class and a pro photographer is on hand to make sure your special moment is memorialized forever. Reserve your spot in advance as space is limited as this trend is on the up and up! Open to all skill levels, everyone is welcome as long as they are able to swim.  Wear a wetsuit or other comfortable gear that will allow you to practice yoga comfortably and get wet at the same time. Once you learn the basics, you will be ready to enjoy this tranquil and challenging activity on your own. 

Have you tried paddleboard yoga for yourself? If so, what did you think of the experience?