Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Adventures

In Puerto Vallarta, one of the most exciting outdoor adventures you can try is a zip line tour. Zip line tours in Puerto Vallarta are some of the highest, longest, and fastest you can find in Mexico.  Soaring through the air, you will see amazing vistas of the Puerto Vallarta jungle that most tourists miss. Zip lining can be a great activity for families, as long as children are at least seven years old. Looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure that is off the beaten path?  Head to the Puerto Vallarta jungle for a zipline tour that dreams are made of.

Safety Measures

Safety is extremely important for all Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Tours. Your well trained guides are focused on keeping you safe so you can have a fun experience, without putting yourself in danger. A harness, helmet, and all safety gear are provided for you as part of the zipline tour. Puerto Vallarta zip line tours are safe for most people, but it is important to realize that the zipline platforms are set high above the ground and a lot of uphill walking is required to get to each starting point. Make sure you are healthy enough to do the walking required before you start your tour.

Flying High

Wondering what it feels like to zipline in Puerto Vallarta? You will soar at speeds of up to 60 mph or 100 km well above the lush jungle and trees below. Look off in the distance to catch a glimpse of the expansive and stunning Banderas Bay waters. Keep an eye out for wildlife and colorful birds that frequent the area.  Some zipline tours even allow two passengers to zip line together, so you can experience the zipline adventure with a friend or loved one if you wish. Interested in a little friendly competition? Get ready to put the metal to the pedal, and race against an opponent on a double zipline.

Great Photo  Opportunities

Once your zipline tour in beautiful Puerto Vallarta is over,  grab something to eat and a cold drink to relax. Take a look at your zip line pictures or videos and start reliving your memorable Puerto Vallarta zipline adventure. Some of your best and most dramatic vacation photos are sure to be taken during your exciting excursion zipping high above the treeline. The lush Sierra Madre mountain vegetation is a mesmerizing vista of green that makes a dramatic contrast with the sunny blue skies Puerto Vallarta is known for.

Want an adventurous vacation memory that will be unlike anything you have tried before? Try the Puerto Vallarta zipline tour today!