Have you heard about the famous pirate Henry Every? Henry Every was a pirate who started his pirate career around the late 1690’s. He had many different aliases that included Long Ben, John Avery, and Benjamin Bridgeman. Many plays and books were written about Henry Every’s adventures, which are popular.

A Fancy Mutiny

Before he started his pirate career, not much information is available about Henry Every’s life. Many historians believe that Henry Every was born in 1653 and he was born near Plymouth, England. He first started his career on the sea on slave ships, but he became a first mate in 1694 on a 46-gun Spanish Ship called “Charles II”. This Spanish ship had approval and license to attack French smugglers, and this occurred around Martinique. Every then organized a mutiny, and was quickly chosen to be the new captain of the ship, so he decided to rename “Charles II” to “Fancy” and him and his crew headed to the Cape of Good Hope.

Most Feared Pirate

Henry Every became one of the most feared pirates, especially on the Red Sea. With this reputation he had the ability to organize a pirate fleet where he had some of the famous pirate captains joined the pirate fleets, and they were Thomas Wak, Thomas Tew, William Want, and William May. All of the pirate captains sailed under the leadership of Henry Every. The five pirate ships became very powerful, so powerful that they attacked some of the best well-armored treasure ship that sailed frequently on the India and Middle East Oceans.


Henry Every had his biggest catch ever during his pirate career, which was the “Gang-i-Sawai”. A convoy of ships of Grand Moghul’s of India. They saw the fleet of Henry Every, and the convoy of Moghul’s began to scatter, but Every just went on to pursue them until night fell. When the morning arose, Every had two ships within rich. The smaller ship began to fight until it surrendered, and this ship was the Fateh Mohammed. The bigger ship was Gang-i-Sawai, which was a much bigger ship with 40-gun. Every got very lucky, because one of the cannons on this ship exploded and damaging the deck of the ship. The damaged ship had no strong leadership, so the crew had to surrender.

Torture for Treasure


All of the survivors of the Gang-i-Sawai were severely tortured until they told where the treasures were hidden, and it was not uncommon during this era for the survivors to be brutalized. Every and his crew looted nearly 600,000 pounds of silver, gold, and jewels. One thousand pounds were given to each pirate, which was an excellent pay that would take eighty years for an honest seaman to earn.

The fleet was disbanded by Every and many of the pirates retired. Every sailed to New Providence on the Caribbean where he was protected by the governor with a bribe he paid.. He then wanted to purchase a pardon from Governor William Beeston, which was denied.

Pirate Benjamin Bridgeman

Henry Every decided to change his name to Benjamin Bridgeman and he and the rest of his crew that didn’t retire sailed to Ireland. Many of the pirates were captured and hanged upon their arrival to Ireland, but Every escaped and vanished. After he retired, many people believe he died poor living on the streets of London, but this is only a theory as nobody actually knows what happened to Henry Every.