What to Do in PV in 2020

Everybody Loves Tacos!

It is hard to believe that the year 2020 is here. The start of a new decade is upon us. While many tourist towns experience tourism peaks during the summer, Puerto Vallarta’s high season occurs during the winter months. The reason behind this is because Puerto Vallarta has excellent weather during the months between November through May or June. At that time, visitors come to visit so they can escape cooler temperatures in their homelands and take advantage of PV’s great weather.  Local restaurants, shops, and resorts welcome high season guests now that 2020 is here. Do you plan to visit Puerto Vallarta this year? If so, here are some tips on the best Puerto Vallarta activities to enjoy in 2020. 

Attend a Musical 

One of the top Puerto Vallarta activities to enjoy in 2020 is to attend a musical at one of the area’s local theaters.  Puerto Vallarta visitors can’t miss the opportunity to watch a variety of world famous musicals and theater performances in a cozy setting. One of the best theaters in town is Act II. The venue boasts several different areas where talented local actors and singers take the stage. Act II guests can sit back, relax, and even sip on a cocktail or two as they watch a musical.  Plus, there is sure to be lots of interaction between the guests and performers, too.  Many visitors comment that the chance to watch a musical in such a comfortable and welcoming setting is one of their favorite Puerto Vallarta activities to enjoy in 2020. Incanto is another local theater company that has a great lineup of musical acts and live performances. Don’t miss their large outdoor terrace with lovely Cuale River views, too. It’s an ideal location to enjoy a cocktail or dinner before or after a performance. Last but not least, Bambinos Trattoria is another top choice for live entertainment in cozy setting. Los Bambinos are an endearing 4 brother ensemble that perform classic hits in English and Spanish. The restaurant has a full Italian menu that is delicious and affordable, too. 

Take a Food Tour 

Did you know that locally based Vallarta Food Tours recently won the 2019 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards for Experiences? In fact, Vallarta Food Tours has been giving visitors to Puerto Vallarta insider tips on the best foods to enjoy since 2012. Attending one of their popular food tours is one of the best ways to get to know local cuisine in Puerto Vallarta. Vallarta Food Tours has creatively put together a variety of food tours that give visitors a taste of authentic Vallarta cuisine from casual street fare up to gourmet cuisine. Also, their knowledgeable and friendly guides share interesting tidbits and local history along the way. As their slogan says, make sure to come hungry and get ready to taste the best that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. 

Get Active on a Mountain Bike Tour With Eco Ride

Getting active and getting outside in nature is another top activity to enjoy in PV in 2020. Are you ready to get some exercise and have fun while doing it?  If so, why not try a mountain bike tour with Eco Ride? Experienced bike riders and novices will all find a tour that suits their needs. Eco Ride specializes in bike tours in the area that offer incredible views as you get in a great workout. Why not skip the beach for the day, and spend time exploring the lush jungle of the Sierra Madre mountains instead? In just minutes, you can bike from the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta into the lush greenery of the jungle to discover hidden paths and waterfalls. 

There are tons of Puerto Vallarta activities for residents and visitors to enjoy in 2020.  Try our top 3 suggestions on Puerto Vallarta activities and let us know which you enjoyed the most and why.