Top Ways to Spend Your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

There’s no other place which can provide the best experiences under the sun than Puerto Vallarta. Clear blue waters, pure yellow sand and the scenic views of its surroundings make for a truly unforgettable beach vacation.  But there’s more to it than meets the eye.  You’ll be surprised to find out that this terrific place can offer more than what is obvious.  While the Marigalante pirate ship should be your first choice for adventure, take a look at alternative ways to have a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta.

Here are the top ways to spend your vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

Taking it Slow

Taking it slow without the sweat and effort, but a pleasurable vacation in many ways is what you can experience in Puerto Vallarta.  Have a walk along the Malecon and see the beauty that surrounds it with artisans and sculptures.  You’ll never miss the romantic moon, setting in its vast ocean giving magic to an already enchanting place.  Head out to the Botanical Gardens and be awed at the lush flora with an opportunity to have lunch by a calm river.  It is entertaining simply watching people while having a shot of your favorite wine in some of the open bars on the beach.

Thrills and Adventures

Puerto Vallarta is known for its thrilling adventure including ATV tours, horseback riding on the beach on in the mountains. Feel the adrenaline rush when you go for a zip line adventure, bungee jump or an exploration of the skies when you skydive over everyone else.  These tours and adventures will give the thrill and spice to any adventuring spirit who’s in Puerto Vallarta.

Get Close to Nature


Conservation guided tours like bird watching or a zoo adventure can get you up and personal with other creatures that live on the planet.  See exotic animals that you can never meet in the city like deers, elephants and snakes.  The winter season can give you a glimpse of the humpback whale, challenging the waves of the ocean.

Beach and Water Fun

Being a tropical paradise, there are a lot of activities in Puerto Vallarta with the waters serving as your playground.  The usual kayaking, parasailing and paddle boarding are available as well as a ride on a banana boat or speeding atop a jet ski doubles the fun.  One can even be lost on an island and go fishing by himself or snorkel underwater to appreciate the rich marine resources.

Party Time


Nightlife need not be raucous and disorderly as Puerto Vallarta also offers places for you to enjoy calm evenings and casual entertainment.  Enjoy authentic dishes in some of Puerto Vallarta’s top restaurants or listen to a live music or performance in one of its famed bars.  There are nightclubs where you can party all night long, minus the noise and trouble associated with it.  Puerto Vallarta is one good place for partying and the fun can be endless.