Sea monsters and legends have always grabbed everyone’s interest for many centuries. Are they fact or fiction? Around the world, many people have always respected the ocean and its inhabitants, which is why sea monsters legends have created fears for anyone that heard their stories. The ocean is immense, and only a tiny bit of it has even been explored. What lies deep beneath the ocean waters?  Read below to learn about the top 6 sea monsters. Fact or fiction? You decide.

1 The Vodyanoy – Large Male Sea Monster

The Vodyanoy is a water spirit that lives in streams, rivers, and ponds. The Vodyanoy is a male sea monster that came from East Slavic. How does he look? Supposedly, he has green hair and a giant beard that reaches his feet. To lure girls closer, the Vodyanoy would disguise himself as a pretty flower on the shore. The Vodyanoy has been blamed for villagers being drowned and for flooding, too. Rumor has it that Vodyanoy was an unbaptized man that killed himself, and his spirit was afraid of saint waters. To stay safe, people would make sure to bless any rivers or ponds that they thought the sea monster lived.

2 The Bishop-Fish or Sea Bishop

In 1531 in Poland, the bishop fish or sea bishop was captured just off the coast. The bishop fish refused to eat, and within a couple of days he died. Years earlier during the 13th century, a similar story said a sea monster was caught in fishing nets that begged for its life, so he was let go. Many people think the bishop fish was actually a very large squid that was caught in 1861 by the Canary Islands. The head looks like a bishop’s hat, which is where the name bishop fish came from. 

3 The Amabie – A Female Sea Monster

Edo Era occurred during the years between 1603 and 1868 in Japan when the country was mainly an agricultural economy. Amabie, a female sea monster, appeared during these years and would give advice or predict plagues that would occur. One tale states that a city worker was trying to investigate a shiny object on the surface of the sea, but it turned out to be Amabie. She had a body that resembled a fish, but without the scales. Supposedly, she appeared to the worker to tell them that the next six years the harvest would be bountiful. 

4 The Each-Uisge – Male Sea Monster

A scary spirit that lived in the waters in Scotland was known as Each-Uisge. The spirit could transform itself to take on the appearance of a horse or a human being. When the spirit was a horse, it would encourage people to ride him. Then, if the horse ride stayed away from the water’s edge, the person would be safe. However, if the horse came near the water, the spirit would take the person into the deepest parts of the water and drown them. When the spirit looked like a human, you could only tell it was a sea monster due to the seaweed in its hair. 

5 The Qalupalik – Wicked Mermaid Sea Monster

The Qalupalik from the Inuit is another sea monster that looked like a mermaid. Its skin was green and its fingernails were very long and pointed. The Qalupalik enjoyed luring children to the waters edge when she would sing beautiful songs. Next, legend states that she would kidnap the children and devour them whole to preserve her beauty. 

6 The Yacuruna – Amazon Sea Monster

The Yacuruna is an Amazon sea monster legend that dwells in the water. The sea monster had feet that were deformed and its head was on backwards. The Yacuruna would make crystal palaces underneath the water to live in. Next, the sea monster would abduct women to become his bride, and slowly the women would start to become a Yacuruna sea monster, too. 

These were the top 6 sea monsters legends from over the years. Are they fact or fiction? Are the stories true? You decide. Would you be brave enough to get close to a sea monster to find out?