Top 5 Travel Tips (2020 Edition)

2020 is here and with so many changes and uncertainties in the world, travel plans have been put on the back burner. As the world takes pause, we look forward to days where a sense of normalcy returns to our daily lives. Whenthat happens, many people will be itching to travel again. After all, traveling and experiencing new adventures is a big part of what makes life so enjoyable. Although your current travel plans may change or be put on hold for now, read below for our top 5 travel tips, the 2020 edition.  

Travel Tip 1: Use a Small Suitcase or Backpack

To start with, our first 2020 travel tip is to travel light by using a small suitcase or backpack. Instead of trying to maneuver a huge bag, travelers can get around more easily with a small bag. A lighter load means an increase in ease of mobility. That way, it is easier to get somewhere quickly and more through a crowded space quickly. In addition, laundromats and laundry services are typically available in most travel destinations. If they are, smart travelers can drop off and pick up laundry if they extend their vacation longer and need more clean clothes. 

Travel Tip 2: Avoid Crowded Public Spaces

Next, our second 2020 travel tip is to avoid crowded public spaces. Recently, we have learned the importance of avoiding excessive contact with others. Especially, large crowds and busy locations make it harder to avoid picking up germs or passing germs on to others. If you are traveling or in your home city, avoid busy areas. For visitors in a new location, plan to sightsee early in the morning when less people are likely to be outside. Next, do your best to avoid using public transportation, especially during a health crisis such as the current coranavirus epidemic. When possible, get outside and walk or ride bikes so you can enjoy fresh air and explore at the same time.   

Travel Tip 3: Good Hygiene Practices

Thirdly, good hygiene habits should be implemented whether you are at home or traveling. Good hygiene helps keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe. To begin with, it is important to regularly wash your hands and try to avoid sick people. Do not touch your hands, face or eyes. Next, disinfecting wipes can be used to clean off any surfaces that may be dirty and carry germs. Clean dirty hands regularly with warm water and soap. If soap and water is not readily available, a good backup option is antibacterial hand sanitizer or gel. Finally, it is now recommended to avoid shaking hands, hugging or kisses on the cheek when greeting others. Keep your distance and you can stay safe and avoid unknowingly spreading germs such as COVID-19, too.

Travel Tip 4: Use Map Applications

Maps are an important travel tool.  Although maps can sometimes be hard to follow, there are lots of online apps available you can use your phone. If you want to have a carefree day, simply exploring new locations without a set plan can be a ton of fun, too.  

Travel Tip 5: Bank Account Access

While traveling, the unexpected can happen at any time. If for some reason, you lose your bank card or it is stolen, it is important to make sure you can still access your bank account. Although most banks charge a small fee to use ATM’s to withdraw money while traveling, purchases at restaurants and shops usually don’t come with added fees. Check with your specific credit card company before you travel to verify their policy. A back-up card for emergencies is a smart idea when traveling. That way, if you lose your card or have it stolen, you can still access your bank account while you travel.

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