Taco Time! Taco Festival in PV

Everybody Loves Tacos!

Do you love tacos and will be in Puerto Vallarta soon? If so, you will be happy to hear that the 3rd Annual Taco Festival in Puerto Vallarta will be held on Saturday, November 16th.  The taco is without a doubt one of most people’s favorite foods. Not only in Mexico, but across the globe the simple ingredients and ease of eating make the taco irresistible. Keep reading below to learn more about the 3rd Annual Taco Festival, coming up on November 16th in Puerto Vallarta. Get ready, it’s taco time!

3rd Annual Taco Festival in PV

At the 3rd Annual Taco Festival in PV, guests will be thrilled to try a wide variety of delicious tacos from numerous local vendors who will be on hand. What is it about a taco that has the whole world so mesmerized? Is it the soft corn tortilla that requires no plate , or is it the delectable ingredients inside? Popular taco fillings include shredded pork, beef, shrimp, fish, cheese and even pasilla peppers and fresh corn. The Annual Taco Festival in Puerto Vallarta was designed in hopes of promoting local businesses and taquerias by sharing some of their best tacos with residents and visitors.  Come early and come hungry so you can try as many great tacos as you can. Which is your favorite taco? 

Taco Festival Location

The Taco Festival will be held in the event site next door to the Food Park in the centrally located Hotel Zone.  Visitors should be ready to taste a wide variety of amazing tacos and take their time checking out all the great salsas and toppings you can utilize to make the perfect taco. A family friendly environment, the 3rd Annual Taco Festival in Puerto Vallarta also hopes to boost the local economy by promoting tacos prepared by local taquerías in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Visitors will be treated to live music, dance performances, raffles and even an exciting Lucha Libre competition. Taco Festival attendees will love eating some great tacos and learning about the tradition of tacos at the same time. 

Are you visiting Puerto Vallarta in mid-November, or do you live in the area? Regardless, make sure to attend the 3rd Annual Taco Festival in Puerto Vallarta. It is destined to be a fun and tasty gastronomic event that aims to boost tourism in the region. Are you getting hungry yet? Are you ready to try as many different types of tacos and salsas as you can? Make a day of it and bring your friends and family along because everyone loves tacos!