Sister Pirate Ship in Cancun – The Jolly Roger

Did you know that the Marigalante Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta has a twin? Meet the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, Cancun’s favorite pirate show venue.

Just like the Marigalante pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta, the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is an exact replica of the Santa Maria galleon upon which Christopher Columbus sailed on his voyage to the Americas in the sixteenth century. The sister pirate ships that serve Puerto Vallarta and Cancun were both modelled on the Santa Maria, which was affectionately known by her sailors as the Marigalante (Brave Maria), to create the perfect setting for an authentic pirate ship show. Today, the Marigalante and Jolly Roger pirate ships are host to the best boat tours and family entertainment on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Coastline of Mexico.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun

The Jolly Roger pirate ship in Cancun and Riviera Maya looks like an authentic sixteenth century spanish galleon, decked in dark wood, adorned with canvas sails and all the features you would expect of a Spanish galleon from the golden age of pirates. However, underneath the Jolly Roger pirate ship’s wooden appearance is a modern steel vessel that is designed with all the safety features and technology necessary to ensure a comfortable and safe cruise on the waters that surround Cancun and Riviera Maya. Weighing around 400 tons, the pirate ship in Cancun has three wooden masts with typical galleon sails, four impressive decks and plenty of space to host a total of 240 passengers.

Entertainment takes place on the upper decks of the Jolly Roger Pirate ship every night of the year in Cancun and Riviera Maya, with a VIP area located at the highest part of the ship which can host up to 70 guests. Dining takes place in a large area below deck with an area especially designed for passengers with disabilities.


Special Features of the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun

  • The Jolly Roger pirate ship in Cancun has a fully equipped stainless steel kitchen for preparing the delicious meals that are included in the ticket price.
  • Two fully-stocked bars to serve limitless drinks during the boat tour and show.
  • A stage.
  • Professional sound, lighting and special effects equipment.
  • A sound booth with the most advanced computerized controls.
  • A store for souvenirs.
  • Separate rest rooms for men and women.
  • 25 fire extinguishers with 5 liters of ABC liquid retardant on board
  • 350 life vests of different sizes – more than one for every passenger.
  • A pirate jail cell for anyone who refuses to have an amazing time!

So, if you love the Marigalante pirate show in Puerto Vallarta, next time you head to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, don’t forget to join the pirates on the Jolly Roger pirate ship for a unique show.