Sea Wave Power Plants


Sea Wave Power Plants
SDE Energy was selected by a international scientists as number 1 in the world in Sea Wave Energy Technologies, and was ranked as one of the Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies.

S.D.E. is a world leader in the planning, building and marketing of power stations which produce power from sea waves . SDE’s method consists of using the motion of sea waves to generate hydraulic pressure, which is then transformed into electricity. The system takes advantage of the wave’s speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and the flow beneath the approaching wave, thus producing energy. A full-scale model was operated in Israel and produced 40ekW nearly one year. The model has been checked and approved by a number of experienced and specialty engineers.

S.D.E. currently holds letters of intent and orders from state leaders and electric companies in an approximate amount of $3 billion dollars. For implementation purposes, S.D.E. is now welcoming proposals for investment, either through sale of shares or royalties from future revenues.

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