Places To visit in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer and places to visit. You can enjoy the beach life, stroll through the city, zip line down the mountains, dine at the finest restaurants or dance the night away in some amazing clubs. There is something for everyone here. You only need to step outside your hotel to witness the beautiful Mexican culture. Whether it be trying a street taco or buying a souvenir from the local markets, you will be blown away by the colour, flavors and language Puerto Vallarta holds. Below is an example of some of the places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, take a look and if you want to book or visit one then your Hotel will be happy to help you.

Places to Visit in Puerto Vallarta

Olas Altas

Olas Altas is downtown Puerto Vallarta or otherwise known as the ‘romantic zone’. It is a small area of cobbled streets by the beach of Los Muertos. The small streets have no buses running through them and so far more quiet and accessible than the roads you find behind the Malecon or by the Hotel Zone. In Olas Altas you will find buzzing bars and restaurants and small boutiques. You can delight in some delicious homemade ice cream at Xcocodivas or sit and read at the famous page in the sun café. At night it comes alive with people visiting the bars and eating at the restaurants. Some to mention are Joe Jack’s Fishshack where you can dine on the terrace and enjoy the freshest ingredients or let your hair down at Andale’s bar. To reach Olas Altas you could walk south from the Hotel Zone or take a ten minute taxi.

Isla de las Marietas

An excursion to Islas de las Marietas is a perfect day out if you want to experience an eco-adventure. It is a group of islands just offshore. They are a group of volcanic islands only reachable by boat and swimming through a cave where you will emerge into a stunning hidden beach. You can get there by boat or book a wonderful day tour where professional tour guide will take you snorkelling, kayaking and explain to you the history and eco system surrounding the islands. You can relax on the white sands of the hidden beach or whale watch from a boat that sails around the Islands. Either way this is a beautiful place to visit, an island like no other.

The Malecon

The malecon is a stretch of walkway that runs from downtown to the hotel zone. There are no cars or buses allowed to enter and so it is a wonderful place to stroll at night or in the day and experience the wonderful coastline and attractions. In the day you can eat at some of the best restaurants and shop and some wonderful stores. Along the beachfront you can browse the many different sellers and artists, ranging from rock sculptures to performance artists. At night the Malecon comes alive, this is where the main clubs and bars of Vallarta can be found. If you’re looking party then you can enjoy nightclubs like Mandela, zoo and la Vaquita. Admission is generally free but the drinks can be a little pricey, but you will definitely not be disappointed.

ATV Tours

Going on an ATV tour is one of the best ways to see the stunning scenery Puerto Vallarta has to offer. You can hire a tour in the morning of afternoon and your experienced tour guides will take you high up into the mountains to experience waterfalls, zip lines or tequila tastings. You will be able to drive your own ATV through dirt tracks, off road and through water. It is an exhilarating experience like no other and a fun day out for all ages. If you are wanting to bring your children along they can ride on the back seat of a double ATV very comfortably and safely. There are various tours to choose from and some include eating at a restaurant or zip lining or both. There are many tour companies to choose from and your hotel will be able to find you the best deal for that works for you.

Saturday Farmers Market

The Saturday market is a great thing to do in Puerto Vallarta if you enjoy mingling with the locals and expats and enjoy sampling local produce. The market runs in high season from November through to May. You will wander through the main square in Olas Altas or also known as downtown Vallarta. The market is bustling with people and fun for the whole family to enjoy. You can buy local cheeses, pasta, art, pottery, clothing, accessorize, jewellery and even listen to some great live music from some local bands. Even if you don’t go to buy your daily shopping list you can eat at the food stalls and sample some deliciously made tacos or Thai food. The rule is everything has to have been made or grown by the seller, everything is homemade. I highly recommend checking the market out you will not be disappointed.

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