Your summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the city’s most famous ship! The Marigalante replica pirate ship offers pirate-themed fun in Puerto Vallarta and tours for visitors day and night. Those looking to shed their land locked tendencies for a day in order to set out on the high seas with the crew of the Marigalante will be delighted by sword-fights, acrobatics and canon fire! There’s no beating the Marigalante pirate ship for fun in Puerto Vallarta.


Pirate Fun in Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante Banderas Bay tours are highly popular, so be sure to book your tickets as early as possible if you want to avoid disappointment. And remember to make your meal choices when you do! Each Banderas Bay tour comes with a meal and access to an open bar so you won’t go hungry.


Pirate Ship Tours

There are two tours to choose from for fun in Puerto Vallarta; the Pirates Land Day Tour, which leaves first thing in the morning, and the more adult orientated Pirates of the Bay evening tour which leaves around 6pm. Both are great fun, but have their own unique appeal.


The Pirates Land day tour sails from one end of Banderas Bay to the other while it’s guests enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet while the crew entertain them with a show. Once you get to Majahuitas, on the other side of the bay, you and all the others will be able to enjoy beach games, kayaking, snorkelling, treasure hunts and even just a gentle swim before the boat turns around and heads home. This tour will delight your kids and put a little twist into their vacation. They will have the most fun in Puerto Vallarta on board the Marigalante pirate ship.


For those grown-ups who’re still just big kids at heart there is the Pirates of the Bay night tour! This is the ideal way to have a fun-filled night of music, dance and drink. This sunset cruise will treat you to a stunning view of Puerto Vallarta as well a delicious dinner, fireworks, lively music, dancing and some of the best entertainment to be found in the whole city. Pass the Dog Days in style while you’re in Puerto Vallarta this year.


For more information and to buy tickets for the Marigalante Pirate ship, check out the rest of the website and book your tickets on-line.