Puerto Vallarta’s Culture and architecture

Do you love Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and are curious about its history?   Puerto Vallarta is a top Mexican tourist destination due to many factors that have shaped its status through the years. Now, Puerto Vallarta is a booming tourist location, but you may not know that the Sierra Madre mountain mining centers and influences from the agricultural valley of the Ameca River played a big role in PV’s history as well. If you are wondering what are the most popular tours to attend in town, you can’t miss the Marigalante pirate ship adventure. It is one of Puerto Vallarta’s top tours that has been thrilling visitors for years with impressive acrobatics, live music, delicious gourmet dinner and open bar. Book your tickets early as spots fill up fast. In the meantime, read more on how PV became the preferred vacation locale it has become. 

How it Started: Learn About Puerto Vallarta’s History

There has been some evidence from archaeological studies that Aztaltan humans lived in the area up to 580 BC.  Around the year 1524, the Spanish invaded and started a battle with the native people of the area. Hernan Cortez fought against 10,000 – 20,000 native people who resided in the area, but the Spanish won the battle and reign over the Ameca Valley. Later, the area was renamed as Banderas, which means flags in Spanish. Banderas was a fitting name due to the fact that the native inhabitants of the region carried vibrantly colorful flags during battle. Later, during the 17th and 18th centuries, Banderas Bay was an important supply stopping point for cargo ships and other vessels. 

From Fishing Village to Luxury Resort Town

Puerto Vallarta underwent a major transformation during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Puerto Vallarta was a quiet fishing town. Around that time, the Mexican government resolved property disputes that had deterred development in the area. Some communal lands were turned into private lands for sale, and the sales revenue from the trusts of the lands were used to assist in Puerto Vallarta’s growth over the years.  In 1968, Puerto Vallarta was officially given city status.

Movie “The Night of the Iguana” Generated Interest in PV

In 1964, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton starred together in the classic movie, “The Night of the Iguana.”  The two fell in love and had a steamy love affair and during after filming. American director John Huston filmed the movie in Mismaloya, a small beach village south of downtown Puerto Vallarta. U.S. media and news outlets covered the scandal and helped turn Puerto Vallarta into a vacation destination that American tourists and other visitors from around the world wanted to visit. 

Investment in Air and Ground Transportation 

More changes occurred in the late 1960’s when the Mexican government invested money to improve air and ground transportation. The Puerto Vallarta International Airport was constructed which currently receives millions of visitors each year. Highways were built and old roads were renovated in order to help allow more traffic to flow in town. On June 1st, 1970, the El Salado wharf was inaugurated making Puerto Vallarta Mexico’s first harbor city.  Later, hotel and resort development spiked and there are more than fifty 4-5 Star resorts and hotels in PV in 2020. 

Puerto Vallarta – Modern Day Changes

In the early 1980’s, the peso was dramatically devalued making Puerto Vallarta an attractive bargain vacation destination individuals spending dollars. In the early 1990’s, a federal Agrarian Law was changed allowing foreigners to purchase ejido lands by using a bank trust or Fideicomiso. This prompted another development boom and even more properties were bought and sold.  Private residences, apartment buildings, condos, and resorts began to be developed at a fast pace. Today, Puerto Vallarta is a thriving tourist destination that makes the majority of its money from tourism thanks to its excellent weather, natural beauty, miles of beaches, and rich history. 

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