To start with, having current health insurance coverage is a wise thing to have. You should always expect the unexpected if you are on vacation or at home, which is why you need to carry health insurance. In Mexico, expats and vacationers should consider a few things when they are deciding between travel insurance or a health plan long-term. Continue reading below to learn more information about what kind of health insurance you need in Mexico. 

What Kind of Health Insurance Do I Need in Mexico?

The biggest factor that you should consider for a health insurance policy should be based upon the length of time that you will be staying in Mexico. If you are only going to be vacationing or staying in Mexico a couple of weeks or months, then buying a travel insurance policy will probably be enough. Travel health insurance policies will cover any unexpected illnesses and emergency accidents. However, if you have a second home in Mexico and you are an expat, then you should consider buying a long-term health insurance policy. In Mexico, health insurance policies are very affordable, and most of the private hospitals are well equipped to handle most illnesses and emergencies. 

Travel Health Insurance vs. Long-Term Health Insurance

It is important to remember that travel health insurance is only meant to cover emergency expenses. Doctor visits, prescriptions, and small health expenses are usually not covered with travel health insurance. Travel health insurance also doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions. However, long-term health insurance will often cover doctor visits, prescriptions, and some pre-existing conditions. It all depends on the type of long-term health insurance policy that you select. Also, most travel health insurance policies come with lower limits than a long-term health insurance policy. Most of the major health insurance companies are connected with the areas hospitals and physicians, so filing your claims is fairly easy. Finally, if you need to be put in the hospital or you are in an accident in Mexico, your medical costs may not be covered with just a travel insurance policy. 

Long-Term Health Insurance – Why Select It?

Expats can purchase long-term health insurance policies while in Mexico, so they are covered. The policies in Mexico are affordable compared to the US or Canada policies. Plus, they generally can be renewed each year to cover urgent and non-urgent expenses. Most of the long-term health insurance policies will cover pre-existing illnesses, accidents, and diseases during a lifetime. Also, some travel insurance policies have an age limit, so you may not be covered if you are an older person as they are sometimes denied health insurance. Some of the travel insurance policies will reduce some of their coverage too, which means travel health insurance is only meant for emergencies and urgent situations, but any regular treatments will not be covered. For instance, mental health treatment, heart issues, cancer treatments, surgeries for hernias, and orthopedic visits will typically not be covered with a travel health insurance policy. 

What Kind of Health Insurance Do I Need In Mexico?

A long-term health insurance policy is recommended if you plan on being in Mexico for a longer time. You need to think about all of your options and coverage. If you have any pre-existing conditions, then you may want to get the long-term health insurance. Some insurance companies may provide for pre-existing conditions, but you may have to pay a higher premium and deductible. You should always research a health insurance company thoroughly before you select. 

Having the right health insurance is important if you are going to be vacationing in Mexico or living there. An unexpected accident or emergency can ruin your vacation time, so you want to make sure you are protected. Ready to get away to Mexico? Consider booking a vacation to Garza Blanca Resorts. With luxury resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, you deserve to pamper yourself in paradise.