Who Would You Find on a Pirate Ship?

Who Would You Find on a Pirate Ship?

Discipline, teamwork and organization in the crew were important elements in the success and endurance of a pirate ship. Despite the common perceptions of pirates as cruel and callous, the society on board actually operated through a just democratic system. Although the Captain had complete authority in battle situations, outside of this he did not have many more rights than the average crew member. Many decisions, such a sail paths, were decided upon with a vote. A Captain´s demands could actually be quelled through a majority vote by the crew.

Of course, to keep a ship running smoothly, a variety a duties had to be carried out. Which role would be-fit you aboard a Pirate ship?

Captain of a Pirate Ship

You will need a wealth of experience from your time aboard ships and a strong sense of justice. Your crew must trust and respect you as you will have complete control in battles and your decisions will be crucial to survival. Your charisma and spirit will be key in persuading new pirates to join the side. Courage and advanced skills in sword and pistol fighting are vital.

Navigator of a pirate ship:

As a rarity, you will be a prized possession aboard any Pirate ship. You will read the stars to determine the path of the voyage when manuscripts are scarce. Education and experience are essential for this role. Beware of other Pirate crews who will be keen to keep you for their own upon confrontations.

Quartermaster of a pirate ship:

An important managerial role, you will be required to ensure that the Captain’s orders are carried out. You will solve minor squabbles and may have to deliver floggings when necessary. Your sense of authority will be crucial to keep the crew on task. You are a role to be taken seriously and will receive equal rewards to those of the Captain.

Carpenter aboard a pirate ship:

Adaptability, quick thinking and innovation will be traits needed for success in this role on a pirate ship. You will be in charge of the very foundations of the ship. This will include reparations after battle, keeping the decks and masts functional and making it known when the ship must be beached for maintenance. An eye for scavenging and problem solving will come in handy as supplies can be hard to come by. It should be observed that this role is not for the faint hearted. You may sometimes have to double up as a surgeon and apply your knowledge of ´cutting´ to perform amputations on the needy.

Powder Monkey on a pirate ship:

If you are under thirteen years old and have nerves of steel, this could be the job for you! You will be expected to perform the most dangerous work on the ship and will assist the gun crew. Do not expect your rewards to be plentiful however, as another powder monkey is waiting just around the corner if you start to make demands.