Eat Like a Pirate!

Pirate’s Peak: Golden Age of Piracy

Have you ever wondered what pirates ate when they were on board a pirate ship at sea for many months? They didn’t have easy access to many fresh food, and they had to make sure they had plenty of supplies to ration for their adventure. Foods that would store for awhile and last longer were very important staples to have on the pirate ship, because the pirates never knew how long they would be out at sea. Read below to learn more to eat like a pirate, and to learn what pirates ate and drank while out at sea. 

Eat Like a Pirate!

The Best Foods Were Consumed During the First Weeks

During the first several weeks of the pirates journey is when they ate the best foods. The first several weeks pirates would have plenty of meat, eggs, cheese, and vegetables to enjoy. They also use to bring live chickens on their travels so that the pirates would have fresh eggs as well. They would often bring cows and goats onboard for fresh milk, too. As time passed, and food supplies were becoming depleted, they would butcher the cows for meat, and when the chickens stopped producing eggs they would be butchered, too. The cooks on the pirate ship would use plenty of herbs and spices so the food would taste better, and would frequently pickle or salt vegetables and meat in order to preserve them. Pirate ships that had longer voyages usually had a very bland and basic diet that consisted of salted beef, dried beans, and biscuits which was not very healthy or satisfying. 

What Did Pirate’s Drink? 

During the Golden Age of Piracy several hundred years ago, it was difficult to have clean drinking water on board.  Pirate ships and pirates rarely had access to fresh, clean drinking water. As a result, many of the pirates would drink beer or ale as opposed to drinking water. At the beginning of their journey, there was fresh water brought on the pirate ship. However,  it wasn’t long until the water would start to get green scum and slime from the salty sea air. The pirates would sometimes add just a little alcohol to the drinking water so they could make the old water taste better. The water and alcohol mixture was best known as ‘Grog’. Also, rum was the preferred and most popular alcoholic drink on most pirate ships. Rum was inexpensive to make, which made it common on pirate ships. Fermented molasses is used to make rum. 

What are Buccaneers?

What are buccaneers? Have you ever heard of buccaneers? Boucan is a French word that means smoked meat that was prepared over an open fire. In the Caribbean, the hunters would cook and cure meat, then they would sell them to captains on the pirate ships. The hunters and cooks started being called boucaniers, which means ‘barbecues’ because the meat was cooked over an open fire. The buccaneers learned that the pirate ships were selling the meat that they bought from them to others for a better price, so the buccaneers started pirating themselves and they began attacking the pirate ships that were doing this. Many years later, writers that was talking about the pirates started referring to the ones from the Caribbean’s as ‘buccaneers’. 

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