Puerto Vallarta draws thousands of visitors each year because of the area’s natural beauty, beautiful beaches and welcoming locals. There are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy all year round thanks to the great climate. Plus, Banderas Bay has delicious and fresh foods that visitors will love. In fact, you can find delicious and inexpensive food in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Read about some of the best PV foods to try during your next vacation in Mexico. 5 fresh foods to try on your visit to PV. 

Fresh Ceviche

To start with, one of the best PV foods to try is ceviche.  Ceviche is a fresh and delicious meal prepared with white fish, cucumber, onions and tomatoes. Ceviche is best served on crispy tostadas with a squeeze of lime on top. Plus, you can also add a variety of spicy salsas, too. Ceviche is delicious and healthy as it has anti-heart disease properties including antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins, and collagen. No visit to PV is complete without trying the area’s local traditional ceviche.

Fresh Fruit Stands

Secondly, another one of the best parts about Mexico is that fresh fruits and vegetables are affordable and available all year round. In PV, fresh fruit vendors are located throughout the city so visitors and residents can get their fix on a budget. Popular fruits and vegetables that are available right now include mango, jicama, cucumber and pineapple. Ask for Tajin seasoning to give your fruit a bit of a kick. The spicy blend of seasoning will be sprinkled on top of your fresh fruit for a sweet and salty combination that hits the spot. 

Fresh Coconut Water

It’s easy to see that Banderas Bay is full of swaying coconut palm trees. As a result, coconut vendors are also very common in the area. For a refreshing and healthy natural drink, visit a coconut stand and they will open the coconut with a traditional machete. You will be given a straw to drink the fresh coconut water which is full of nutrients and antioxidant properties. It’s a tasty way to stay hydrated. Once you finish the coconut water, the coconut meat will be removed so you can eat it as well. It’s a delicious and classic PV snack that vacationers in the area must try.

Fresh Oysters

If you love seafood, you can’t miss the chance to try fresh oysters in PV. Most of the restaurants in the Old Town area of town offer fresh oysters on the menu. Plus, fishermen retrieve fresh oysters each day from the ocean and walk along the beach and Malecon selling oysters by the dozen. Served with fresh wedges of lime, sea salt and hot sauce, it’s a classic local food that feels indulgent. 


Traditional aguachile is another delicious PV food that is prepared using raw sliced shrimp. Served in a lime, avocado, cucumber, and chili sauce, it’s healthy and delicious.  Aguachile is best served with tostadas or homemade tortilla chips for a light and refreshing appetizer. Octopus can also be substituted in place of shrimp for something different. 

If you are dreaming of heading to Puerto Vallarta, why not book a vacation today? Right now, the city is open and welcoming visitors from all across the world. The area was awarded the Safe Travels Stamp for successfully complementing COVID measures to keep visitors safe.  Plus, special travel packages are available right now that won’t last forever. If you want to try the best tour in town, book your tickets on the Marigalante pirate ship. It’s a PV top tour that always impresses. A day on the Marigalante pirate ship adventure means world class entertainment, a delicious gourmet meal and premium open bar. It’s guaranteed to be one of your favorite vacation memories! Book your dream getaway to PV today. You deserve to treat yourself to the “good life”!