Puerto Vallarta visitors get ready to party! Dia de Independencia, or Mexican Independence Day, is nearly here! Independence Day is September 16th, but celebrations take part the night before on September 15th. The entire month of September is dedicated to celebrating national pride as the country of Mexico comes alive. The red, white and green colors of the Mexican flag will be displayed all across Puerto Vallarta and the entire country in public spaces, homes and commercial buildings.  Are you going to be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this month on September 15th and 16th? If so, you are in luck as there is no party quite like the parties that take place during September. Get ready for two long days of exciting celebrations on September 15th and September 16th in Puerto Vallarta.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September 16th

As stated above, the entire month of September is a special time in Mexico.  September 16th is Independence Day, but festivities always commence the day before on the evening of September 15th. In Mexico, the month of September is known as “El Mes de la Patria” in Spanish, which translates to month of the homeland in English. The people of Mexico take understandable pride in their incredible country, and everyone enjoys celebrating Independence Day and paying homage to the rich history, traditions and diverse culture of Mexico. Every city in Mexico will take part in the festivities, and the country’s biggest celebration will be held in the Zocalo main square in Mexico City.  Puerto Vallarta visitors and residents will enjoy exciting parades and fun parties on the Malecon and in the Zona Romantica and Old Town area. Want to really join in on the fun? Dress up in the country’s national colors of red, white and green, and you will fit in perfectly amongst the colorful decorations that mimic the country’s flag.   

Puerto Vallarta Festivities

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta in September, make sure to hit the town on the evening of September 15th where you can hear the iconic El Grito at 11 p.m at the main plaza off the Malecon. The “Viva Mexico!” cry is belted out three times to honor the Grito de la Independencia, which commemorates Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla’s call for independence way back in September of 1810. This iconic moment prompted the Mexican people to rise up against the Spanish colonial forces, and reclaim their status as an Independent Nation. In Puerto Vallarta, the traditional grito will take place before midnight in Puerto Vallarta’s main plaza by the Malecon, and you can expect an impressive fireworks show and street party to follow! On September 16th, there will be a civic parade with military and local school bands on hand to demonstrate their patriotism, and entertain the public. Puerto Vallarta vacationers will enjoy lots of parties throughout town and on the beach as everyone comes together to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

Are you headed to Puerto Vallarta soon for vacation? If so, don’t forget that Mexican Independence Day is nearly here. Make sure to head down to the Puerto Vallarta malecon to celebrate and to hear the official “Día del Grito” at 11pm on September 15th.