5 Mythical Tales of Sea Creatures

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Do you love hearing mythical tales about sea creatures? There are so many incredible marine species that exist in the ocean it truly is a living miracle. However, what do you think about mythical tales that may be based in reality or just pure fiction? Many mythical tales regarding fearsome and terrifying sea creatures have been passed down over the centuries. Keep reading below to learn 5 mythical tales of sea creatures from around the world that may give you pause the next time you decide to swim in the ocean deep. 

Mythical Sea Creature Tale #1 Leviathan 

To start off, our number one mythical sea creature is the Leviathan which has origins in Judaism.  Supposedly, the Leviathan was a terrifying creature that used a combination of two of Earth’s natural elements, fire and water, to murder unsuspecitng sailors on the open sea. The fire-breathing Leviathan would boil the sea water to the point of melting the skin of its victims inflicting a painful and terrible demise.  You can even find the Leviathan described in the Bible as a savage primordial sea serpent that was highly feared for its ruthless nature and evil demeanor.

Mythical Sea Creature Tale #2 Ningen

Our 2nd mythical sea creature tale is from Japan and is a scary sea monster known as Ningen. In fact, in Japanese, the word ningen means human. The ningen had human like arms, legs, and five-fingered hands. However, upon closer inspection you would notice it had a creepy noseless face, fins, and tail and was reported to be a cold-blooded killer. The ningen would ruthlessly kill sailors, and then taunt other shipmen by displaying its fear inducing form on the sea’s surface.

Mythical Sea Creature Tale #3 Qalupalik

The Qalupalik is another scary sea monster myth from the Inuit people that earned our 3rd spot as a creepy mythical sea creature tale. The Qalupalik was an evil mermaid with human-like qualities, but it also had grotesque green skin and long jagged fingernails that set it apart from true humans. Legend has it that the Qalupalik would kidnap children that were playing alone near the water’s edge, and would lure them to her using a humming voice. Once she had the children in her grasp, she would feast on the young and some say the children’s youthful energy was helpful in preserving her beauty.  

Mythical Sea Creature Tale #4 Iku-Turso

Another scary mythical sea creature is Finland’s Iku-Turso.  Iku-Turso is roughly translated as “the eternal Turso,” and had a reputation as the ultimate savage. Iku-Turso was a gigantic creature from the depths of the ocean deep that most closely resembled an octopus. Iku-Turso had long tentacles and suckers, and would dragon-like wings would appear when he was angered.  While the Iku-Turso was known to mainly keep to itself, he also had a reputation as a dangerous and aggressive monster when provoked. Legend states that the Iku-Turso lived in the home of all evil, a place known as Pohjola.

Mythical Sea Creature Tale #5 Cirein Croin

Last but not least, Scotland’s Cirein Croin comes in as number 5 of our top 5 mythical tales of sea creatures. The Cirein Croin was a gigantic monster that would trick its prey into picking it up. It would shrink down to the size of small fish that was about the size of a human hand. When a fisherman would catch the seemingly non-threatening fish in his net, the Cirein Croin would quickly transform back into its original enormous size, and promptly eat the fisherman in one bite.  Some say the Cirein Croin was so enormous it would feed on whales during meal time.

We hope you enjoyed our article about 5 mythical tales of sea creatures. Which tale did you find most interesting?