What a surprise that life as we know it would be affected by the coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis?  Currently, countries across the world are all taking measures to keep everyone safe. Recommendations and requirements to practice social distancing and quarantine at home are in place to help minimize the spread of the virus. Although this is a difficult time for everyone, we will be able to get through this crisis by working together. Make sure to always follow the safety instructions in your area and practice proper hygiene at all times.  Keep reading below for coronavirus and COVID-19 quarantine tips.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Quarantine Tips:

#1 Exercise Daily

Although public gyms are closed, it is easier than you think to stay healthy while in quarantine. You can still stay fit and exercise at home. All you need is a yoga mat and weights to get a great workout in the safety of your own home. Plus, there are tons of live and free classes available right now. In addition, depending on where you live, you can still exercise outside as long as you keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters from the closest person. That way, you can still stay active and enjoy your daily run, bike ride, or walk in the fresh air but make sure to always maintain a safe distance from others.

#2 Cook Meals and Support Restaurant Delivery 

After you safely visit your local grocery store using all the hygiene tips to avoid exposing yourself to germs, take the extra time to whip up delicious and healthy meals at home. Get creative and your family will thank you for the healthy and nutritious meals. Also, everyone can agree that we miss and appreciate restaurants more than ever. Although the majority of restaurants are closed right now, some are offering takeout or delivery. Support local businesses and order delivery from restaurants to supplement your at home cooking. 

#3 Daily Dose of Sunlight = Vitamin D

Some studies have shown how important it is to get a daily dose of sunlight. Sun exposure gives the body much needed vitamin D to help you stay healthy. If you have a private yard at home, plan to go outside every day and get some fresh air and sun.  It is still best to avoid peak hours between 10 am to 4pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Early morning sunshine or late afternoon sun will be best. If you do not have a yard at home and live in an apartment in the city, another option is to spend time by a sunny windowsill to get your fill of Vitamin D. 

#4 Declutter and Organize Your Home

There is no time like right now to finally declutter and organize those messy drawers and closets.  While quarantined at home during the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic, take time to declutter and organize your home. Go through drawers and get rid of old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Make sure to set them aside so you can donate to those in need later. While you are organizing and decluttering your home, you can also do a deep clean and sanitize, too. 

#5 Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones 

Everyone is under extra stress as we confront this worldwide epidemic. Plus, stress and worry can take its toll on your health. To combat this, make sure to let yourself enjoy some mindless TV or movie watching that you usually don’t have time for. Why not get comfortable and spend a few hours relaxing with your family as you watch a movie or TV series together? Also, you can play board games and card games together, too.  Simply spending time talking with your loved ones is priceless so make the most of it. Lastly, for friends and family that you can’t see in person right now due to quarantine regulations, take advantage of the multiple free video call applications.  You can make video calls from your phone or computer to stay connected with your loved ones during this difficult time. 

If we all work together, we will get through this unexpected situation and come out better than ever. Meanwhile, use our coronavirus and COVID-19 quarantine tips to keep busy and stay healthy at home.