Celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

Are you lucky enough to be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta during Thanksgiving this year? Thanksgiving probably isn’t the first holiday that comes to mind when you think of Mexico. However, the influence of more than 1 million American citizens who have moved from the U.S. to Mexico have made the holiday increasingly popular in recent years. These days, expats and locals enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta and across Mexico.  Many native Mexicans who temporarily lived in the U.S. before moving back home also like to carry on the Thanksgiving tradition in Mexico. Are you headed for a vacation in paradise soon and want to celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta? Depending on your vacation rental, you may even be able to prepare a meal in your vacation home. However, if you don’t have a kitchen in your vacation rental, or would rather have your dinner prepared for you, you will be pleased to learn that there are tons of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that prepare special Thanksgiving menus.  

Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

There are many similarities between Thanksgiving traditions in Mexico versus those in America, but there are some differences, too. In both the U.S. and in Mexico, Thanksgiving celebrations typically have a harvest season theme. The harvest concept usually represented through decorations such as fall leaves, pumpkins, assorted fruits, regional flowers, and autumn toned color schemes. Whether you are in Puerto Vallarta or in the U.S, Thanksgiving is a time where friends and family come together to collectively give thanks for their blessings. A wonderful tradition where spending quality time enjoying a nice meal with their loved ones is a priority. If you will be on vacation in Puerto Vallarta during Thanksgiving, and get invited to a Thanksgiving meal, you should know that guests may be asked to each say a short prayer of gratitude before the meal commences. Also, while religion is a part of some families tradition in the U.S, religion plays a large role in Mexican Thanksgiving since more than 82% of the Mexican population is Catholic. 

Thanksgiving Menus in Mexico

Are you curious what you will find on the menu for a Thanksgiving meal in Puerto Vallarta? Many restaurants and resorts will offer the traditional American style Thanksgiving meal including cooked turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, vegetables and cranberry sauce. In addition, some restaurants like to add Mexican inspired flair to make Thanksgiving in Mexico a unique experience.  You might find some dishes such as marinated roast pork in a spicy green mole sauce on the menu instead of the standard turkey. Other foods enjoyed during Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta may be turkey enchiladas, chorizo pumpkin soup or candied pumpkin for dessert. Sinc cranberries are commonly available in the area, tangy kumquat may be substituted instead. For dessert, you may see squash bread pudding with rum sauce or a tres leches pumpkin flan instead of the traditional pumpkin pie. If you are in Puerto Vallarta on vacation, many local restaurants and resorts will feature special Thanksgiving menus. Check around to see which menu piques your interest the most. 

Are you going to be in Puerto Vallarta during Thanksgiving this year? If so, take part in the area’s festivities and celebrate this rich tradition that brings everyone together to give thanks for their blessings over a nice meal.