Booze Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers many types of booze cruises, whether it is a day or evening booze cruise there is sure to be something for everyone. Booze cruises are the perfect way to explore Mexico’s stunning Pacific coastline and the hidden beaches Puerto Vallarta has to offer. You will spend the day surrounded by fun and laughter. Depending on the booze cruise you choose you can expect to enjoy snorkelling, swimming, dancing, music, delicious cocktails and lasting memories in Puerto Vallarta. You can either book your Puerto Vallarta booze cruise online before you arrive in Puerto Vallarta or simply ask your hotel and they can book it for you. Take a look below at the different types of booze cruises you might want to enjoy on your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Booze Cruises in Puerto Vallarta

Marigalante – Pirates of the Bay

One of the most popular booze cruises in Banderas Bay, the Marigalante booze cruise is an adult orientated cruise where families and children are welcome where you can experience an authentic pirate show from beginning to end. You will enjoy a gourmet dinner whilst pirates swing from the crow’s nest on ropes whilst singing pirate songs. You will experience fabulous music and dancing and audience participation games. You can enjoy the beautiful coastline while being amazed by the epic pirate battles that break out at the end of the cruise. This is a booze cruise like no other. You can reserve your pirate booze cruises online or at your hotel.

Rhythms of the Night

More of a tranquil sunset cruise for lovers than a booze cruise, Rhythm of the Night’s version of a booze cruise is a night full of romance. You will be starting your booze cruise by taking a scenic cruise along the stunning coastline to the isolated cove of Las Caletas. Once on shore you will be greeted by a candle lit bay where you will dine under the stars. You can enjoy a gourmet buffet at your private beachside table whilst listening to distant drumming that is playing in the outdoor amphitheatre. This is where the stories of an ancient civilization will be told through live music and modern dance. You will end your night perfectly with dancing under the stars and finally cruise back to where you departed from. This booze cruise is magical and romantic. To book this booze cruise simply book online or at your hotel.

Las Marietas

This hidden beach booze cruise takes you from Los Arcos to the hidden beach of Las Marietas. The beach is a natural paradise that was formed thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruption. This booze cruise is a fun day for everyone to enjoy. On board the modern catamaran powerboat you can enjoy music, dancing, a full lunch, kayaking, snorkelling and an open bar. Whilst getting to the hidden beach your booze cruise is likely to sail past dolphins, humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays. Once at the island you will be taken to an incredible snorkelling sight where professional guides will show you the tropical fish and underwater marine life. This booze cruise is a wonderful day out full of fun on board the cruise and beautiful swimming and snorkelling within the hidden island. To book this booze cruise go online or ask at your hotel.

Las Animas

This legendary day bay boat trip is one of the longest running booze cruises in Puerto Vallarta that will take you through the Los Arcos underwater national park to the lively beach of Las Animas. On board the booze cruise you can expect to enjoy a full open bar and dancing. Your first stop will be snorkeling at Los Arcos underwater marine park where instructors will fit your with a life jacket and snorkel. Here you can explore the underwater marine life or simply swim and cool of in the water. As the booze cruise continues along Banderas Bay, you can enjoy looking at the passing hidden beaches and coastline of Puerto Vallarta. Your second stop is at Las Animas beach where you will enjoy a full lunch, kayaks, volleyball and time to relax, swim and take in the scenic beauty that surrounds you. On your way back to Puerto Vallarta the booze cruise continues with more partying, karaoke and dancing. Book your booze cruise to Las Animas online or at your hotel.

Princess Sunset Cruise

This is a romantic short two and a half hour evening booze cruise that is a perfect way to spend the evening whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the bay at night. On this booze cruise you can watch the sun setting over the calm waters whilst enjoy an open bar and snacks. As the booze cruise gets going you can head down to the lower deck where dancing, music and a fun filled show await you. This is a wonderful evening booze cruise that is not too long but a great chance to party on the ocean and watch the sun come down. To book your booze cruise go online or simply ask at your hotel.