The Legend of Pirate Blackbeard

Gentleman Pirate: Stede Bonnet

Blackbeard, an English pirate whose real name was Edward Teach, is one of the most well known pirates of all time. Blackbeard lived in the early 1700’s and rose to fame during the years from 1716 to 1718. During that time, he ruled the sea along the east coast of colonial America and the Caribbean. Keep reading below to learn more about the legend of pirate Blackbeard.

The Legend of Pirate Blackbeard

The legend of pirate Blackbeard came about because of the manner in which he treated his victims. He was a ruthless pirate that showed no mercy to his powerless victims. His fearsome demeanor earned him a fearsome reputation in the new world. The blockade of Charles Town in South Carolina, which today is called Charleston, was one of his most noteworthy acts of piracy.  In May 1718, Blackbeard successfully captured a group of wealthy English citizens. Next, he held his prisoners for ransom demanding that medical supplies be delivered to his crew. Once the medical supplies were provided by the government he released the kidnapped individuals. Then, Blackbeard continued to seize ships throughout the area. During one of his adventures on his French merchant ship that was named Queen Ann’s Revenge, he ran the ship aground and destroyed her. However, some say that Blackbeard intended to run the ship aground. Some people believe he did that in order to get rid of some of his crew members. After the ship was destroyed, Blackbeard abandoned the Queen Ann’s Revenge and promptly escaped with just a few men on a small sloop.

Blackbeard Evades Capture by Pirate Hunters 

Surprisingly enough, Blackbeard was able to receive an official pardon for piracy in June 1718. Despite this lucky blessing, Blackbeard did not give up his treacherous acts of piracy. Instead, he continued to wreak havoc at sea and carried on as usual. Soon, he met and started working with another famous pirate named Charles Vane. Together, they terrorized numerous ships at sea and collected treasure and booty along the way. The local authorities attempted to intervene and sent pirate hunters to try to capture the two devious pirates. However, Blackbeard and Vane evaded capture for quite some time and continued to leave a trail of terror in their wake.  

The End of Blackbeard

One day Navy Lieutenant James Maynard of the HMS Pearl was able to find pirate Blackbeard near the North Carolina coast. At that time, Maynard surprised Blackbeard and Vane during the morning sunrise while the two pirates were still asleep. A ferocious battle ensued between the two ships, but Maynard was able to prevail. The secret to his success was that he hid extra crew members below deck. That way, when the pirates boarded the government ship, the extra men took them by surprise. During the vicious fight with Maynard’s men, Blackbeard was cut in the throat and seriously wounded.  Left helpless, he was then killed by Maynard’s crew. Blackbeard’s crew quickly realized their pirate captain was killed, and decided to surrender. The legend of Blackbeard, one of history’s most fearsome pirates, still lives on today.