There are many things to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta not just its stunning beaches and water activities. Fun is just around the corner and it’s for you to discover them. You just have to be creative to find these hidden pleasures for a great vacationing experience.  Here are five suggestions to truly enjoy this exotic paradise.

Effortless Fun

Vacationing needs to be relaxing to keep out the stress in any weary body.  Puerto Vallarta offers simple things that can prove worthwhile, but highly pleasurable. One is to take a walk on the enchanting Malecon and enjoy the great sights around.  Designed with amazing architecture with artisans and sculptures, it’s one stroll that will forever be etched in your mind.  You can’t help but admire the romantic ambience of the place, especially when you witness the sun setting over the blue ocean.  The Botanical Garden is a ride away and it’s a must place to visit.  Its gardens provide the green and calmness for a restless spirit.  It’s what you need to keep away the pressures of city life.  It would be nice to sit lazily around with a beer on hand in one of its open bars while watching the people busying themselves with the stuff  Puerto Vallarta has.

The Thrill of Adventuring

Just the thought of riding in a fast ATV zooming past the beautiful attractions will trigger the thrill on anyone’s mind.  Puerto Vallarta lets you have this highly entertaining ride or be like Zorro atop his horse as you can go horseback riding in its lush tropical scenes.  The zip line adventures make you tower over anyone while traversing in the air across treetops and ravines.  Feel like a sky conqueror when you skydive down to the earth’s ground in blinding speed with Puerto Vallarta’s SkyDive Mex.

Likewise, the Marigalante Pirate ship will provide the best boat tour in Puerto Vallarta, day and night. The pirate day tour is an adventure that offers snorkeling, treasure hunts and fun on the beach, while the night time is an impressive show with drinking, dancing and fireworks.


Be in the Middle of Nature

There are forest tours where you can mingle with the animals of the jungle.  Get close to a chimpanzee or be near touching the wide wings of an eagle.  Bird watching tours will make your world colorful when you see the different birds in their natural homes.  Watching the whales swim across the ocean (from November through March) will make you realize that they are gentle giants after all.  They’ll make you realize that they are just like us, making their way through life with unbelievable courage and strength.

whales -in-vallarta

Enjoy the Underwater Beauty

Puerto Vallarta’s waters are not just made for beach fun activities.  Being here gives you the chance to see the underwater world which is a mystery for most.  Grab those diving gears and go underwater, the kingdom down there will be a feast for your eyes and an experience that will last a lifetime.