The 2020 Hurricane Season in Mexico has arrived. In general, Mexico’s hurricane season starts in June and ends in late November. In addition, the most active months are usually September and October. Temperatures begin to cool down in late November and the number of hurricanes begins to decrease. Also, the eastern part of Mexico tends to be more affected by hurricanes. There, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea receive more hurricane activity than the Pacific Coast. This year, the Mexico hurricane outlook predicts a 60% chance of an above-normal season, a 30% chance of a near-normal season and only a 10% chance of a below-normal season. Keep reading below about the 2020 hurricane season in Mexico. 

2020 Hurricane Season in Mexico

Summertime in Mexico is typically quite humid and hot. The country’s rainy season also occurs during the summer and fall months, too. During that time, tropical cyclones may form in the ocean. They slowly increase in strength as they approach land. Did you know that strong tropical cyclones are called hurricanes? When a tropical cyclone reaches a wind speed over 74 miles per hour, it is called a hurricane. Hurricanes are a natural force that is quite unpredictable and should be taken very seriously. They have the potential to cause major structure damage and are a risk to humans, too. Also, the heavy rains that generally occur after a hurricane passes by can cause flooring and water related damages.

Notable Hurricanes in Mexico
In Mexico, there have been numerous well-known hurricanes. In Cancun, Hurricane Gilbert hit the area in Sept 1988 and Hurricane Wilma in October of 2005. In Puerto Vallarta, Hurricane Kenna did significant damage to the area in October of 2002. However, in general Puerto Vallarta rarely sees hurricane damage due to the geographical barrier of the Sierra Madre mountains. Other notable hurricanes that have hit Mexico in the past include Hurricane Patricia and Hurricane Katia. In fact, Hurricane Patricia was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. Modern technology and meteorology forecasts help give warning when a hurricane is forming which can help people be prepared.  

Preparation Tips for Hurricane Season

Preparation tips for hurricane season are important in the event of a storm. In Mexico, most resorts and homes are solidly constructed and will withstand hurricane winds and rain. However, if you find yourself on vacation in Mexico when a hurricane hits, stay safe by following instructions from resort staff and local authorities. Also, make sure you have food and water with you. In addition, keep important documents such as Passport and credit cards in a waterproof bag. Also, it is a good idea to have a bag ready in case you need to evacuate. Mexico resort employees are trained on how to proceed if a hurricane or natural disaster occurs. Therefore, always follow directions from staff if you are on vacation in Mexico when a hurricane hits.  

The 2020 hurricane season in Mexico is here! Regardless, it is unlikely you will have to deal with a storm if you take a vacation to Mexico. Tourist destinations on the Pacific Coast of Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta are the best choice as those areas are rarely affected by hurricanes. Are you ready to book a trip to paradise today? If so, Mexico is still a great choice for a dream vacation. Plus, there are affordable vacation packages to Puerto Vallarta for sale right now. If you go to PV, make sure to try the Marigalante pirate ship adventure. It is a Puerto Vallarta top tour that is guaranteed to delight everyone that attends. The Marigalante pirate ship tour is a day full of fun, exciting entertainment, a gourmet meal and a premium open bar. You deserve some time to rest and relax. Why not take advantage of the amazing promotions available, and book a trip to paradise today?