2018 Hurricane Season: Mexico

2018 Hurricane Season: Mexico

It’s summer in Mexico in 2018, and the hot days and balmy night weather has arrived. Another sign that summer has officially arrived in Mexico is the creation of hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean that usually occur during these warmer months.  Planning a trip to Mexico this summer or fall? Read below to learn more about hurricane season in Mexico, and important info you should know ahead of time.

Wind Speeds of 74 Hours Per Hour

Tropical cyclones are formed over the ocean, and these powerful storms gradually grow in strength as they approach landfall on the Pacific Coast. Also known as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone is an unpredictable force of nature. When a tropical cyclone reaches wind speeds greater than 74 miles per hour,  it will then be known as a hurricane. Capable of inflicting grave damages to both structures and living creatures, hurricanes should always be taken seriously. In addition to the extreme destruction caused by a hurricane’s strong winds, heavy rains and flooding that often occur after a hurricane passes can create additional damages as well.   

Famous Hurricanes in Mexico  

Over the last few decades, there have been several powerful hurricanes that have made landfall in Mexico. Most recently, two of the strongest hurricanes recorded were Hurricane Patricia and Hurricane Katia.  Hurricane Patricia was technically the strongest storm ever recorded, however it thankfully did not create the extent of damage as predicted. While there is no precise method to predict how many annual hurricanes will affect Mexico, they usually occur during the hottest months of the year between July and October. The two hottest months of the year in Mexico are September and October, and these two months generally see a peak in hurricane activity along the Pacific Coast.  When temperatures begin cooling down in the fall, the month of November typically signals an end to Mexico’s hurricane season.

Hurricanes in Mexico: How to Prepare  

Today, the majority of homes and hotels are constructed to withstand the strong winds of a hurricane level storm. If you find yourself in Mexico on vacation during hurricane season, make sure to heed the instructions of resort staff. Resort staff members receive regular training on how to care for hotel guests during a hurricane and other natural disasters. Their number one priority is to keep their guests safe, so always, always follow directions and instructions from hotel staff. This is the number one most important thing to remember as your safety and security is priority.

To conclude, vacationing in Mexico during the summer months is a wonderful change to enjoy less crowded tourist destinations and appreciate the natural beauty of this amazing country. Although summer is hurricane season in Mexico, you now know what to do if a storm happens  to form during your vacation. Do not let the possibility of a hurricane deter you from enjoying a fabulous and exciting summer getaway to beautiful Mexico.