Waterfall Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Waterfall Tours in Puerto Vallarta

If one tires of the fabulous beaches that Puerto Vallarta has, why not opt for a more romantic adventure of the waterfall tours? Going under the cascading waters from a towering waterfall adds spice and excitement to one’s vacation.  Waterfalls in Puerto Vallarta are awe-inspiring and highly entertaining, but they can also prove very romantic and sweet. The area is comprised of a long stretch of natural beauty from the Garza Blanca Preserve down to the hilly Yelapa area, and are overflowing with a line of majestic beauties: Puerto Vallarta’s waterfalls.

Waterfall Tours through Garza Blanca

Join a waterfall tour that the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is offering.  Most tourists have put a waterfall tour at the top of their vacation priorities, because it provides them a unique way of exploring Puerto Vallarta and experiencing some of its hidden charms.  It involves a river adventure, where you’re guided to cross its flowing waters with deep excitement. When you arrive right in front of the falls, you’ll feel serenity and an inner peace that you likely haven’t experienced before.  Go hand in hand with your partner and discover a new world that’s hidden in most people’s eyes.

Vacation Memories that Last a Lifetime

Not one, but two majestic waterfalls are waiting for you in Yelapa, a small town located in the southernmost part of the Banderas Bay.  One is only a few minutes away from the main town, and is easily reached by foot on a nice walk inland from its calm, main beach. One can join groups of eager people en route to see the magnificent waterfalls on a tour.  You’ll go down winding roads, admiring views of this old town while taking stops along the way for a quick bite to eat in one of the few restaurants near the waterfall area. Take a dip in its fresh, cool waters and create lasting vacation memories by taking pictures of the whole magical place to remember its enchanting charm.  It’s a special place that you and your partner will cherish forever.

Nature at Its Best

Another waterfall is waiting to be explored.  Though situated far from the beaches, its unique romantic experience will compensate greatly for the long travel to get there.  A trip that can be a heavenly one as you pass magnificent sceneries and breathtaking views of the raw beauty of the countryside.  Listen to the sounds of wildlife such as the song-like sounds produced by parrots that will be music to your ears. When you cross flowing rivers, hold tightly to your love one as if to say that you’ll never let go against the strong currents of the river and of life as well.  It can be a complete bonding experience not just of the body, but of the spirit and soul as well. Take the time to relax when you reach the waterfalls and spend enchanting moments with your loved one, splashing in the water with the warm sun in your face. Romance is definitely in the air, and the waterfall brings the romance alive!

Take time to experience a hike to a beautiful waterfall in the Banderas Bay area. Especially during high season months after the rainy season has passed, you will be treated to lush vegetation and ideal weather for hiking.  It is the perfect way to make the most of the natural beauty that Puerto Vallarta is famous for. It doesn’t seem possible that vacation can get better than this!