When one thinks of Puerto Vallarta, the sight of a magnificent beach in a really nice setting comes into mind. It’s one of the top tourist destination when it comes to a tropical vacation. Many don’t know, that this place offers more than meets the eye. Listed below are the top 6 Puerto Vallarta activities that you can enjoy doing, the next time you visit this exotic place.

Marigalante Pirate Adventure

The Marigalante pirate ship has become an icon of Puerto Vallarta and a “must-do” while on vacation in the Banderas Bay area. You can enjoy a day or evening adventure with the family, as a couple or with groups of friends. The fun is endless. The day tour includes activities such as snorkeling and paddle boarding, while the evening is more of a party atmosphere with a complex show and fireworks.

Enjoy Sunset on the Malecon

For lovebirds looking for that perfect getaway in a truly romantic atmosphere, Puerto Vallarta is the place. The sunset enjoyed from the Malecon boardwalk is a breathtaking art in action that will rekindle any love lost. The ambience of the whole place designed with the combination of traditional and contemporary architecture adds mystique to its sweet air. The presence of numerous bars and excellent restaurants call for a passionate dinner for two with the calm ocean providing the exotic background.

Thrilling adventures

Travel in style when you explore the countryside by ATV or take to the mountains on horseback. Bungee jumping will keep the blood flowing when you’re on a high bridge about to leap your way into a waiting rocky river. Puerto Vallarta offers different kinds of adventures that will test your bravery and attitude.

Jungle Fun

Have you wondered how Tarzan felt in the company of the gorillas and apes. Stop wondering because in Puerto Vallarta, tours are arranged that will put you in the middle of the jungle where you’ll have that close encounter with the wilds. Another is whale watching and you’ll see how these gigantic mammals battle their way against merciless waves. You’ll be surprised to learn that no matter how big they are, they are still no match against the ocean’s wrath.

Beach, beach, beach fun and activities

These are the basics and there are countless ways to enjoy these. Kayaking, canoeing, parasailing, jet skiing and anything you can think of that are associated with the waters are all here. For great sea adventures, you can try deep sea diving where you can appreciate the unseen wonders of the sea down under. It’s time to say hello to colorful fishes and coral, that will change everything in how you conceived the word “BEAUTY”.

beach fun and activities

Have a Wild Party Night

Puerto Vallarta is known to be even livelier during the night. The bars and nightclubs can give you pleasurable drinking experiences wherein you can sway your blues away as you dance to live music. The place allows much drinking and partying, but is very strict when it comes to discipline and order. Learn to control yourself or else you can end up somewhere. So, party hard and never forget you’re here to make fun and not trouble. Puerto Vallarta rocks.

Party Night