Puerto Vallarta: Escape to the Hidden Beach

Have you heard the secret that there is a hidden beach in Puerto Vallarta that you can only access during low tide? The rumors are true. There is a majestic hidden beach called Playa del Amor, which is also known as the Lover’s Beach or Hidden Beach. Situated off the coast in Puerto Vallarta, the hidden beach is part of the Marieta Islands in Banderas Bay near Punta Mita. Explosive volcanic activity took place many thousands of years ago which created the Marietas Islands. These massive volcanic explosions caused the cave’s creation and rock formations. A large variety of wildlife and marine life calls the hidden beach their home. Curious to learn more about an escape to the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta? You’re at the right place.


Puerto Vallarta: The Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta invokes visions of a fairytale with its dome shaped cavern . The beaches are sandy and the Pacific Ocean crystal clear water beckons.  One of the most beautiful places that you will ever see, the hidden beach is also and it is an ecologically diverse spot ideal for snorkeling, swimming and relaxation to the max. This is the spot for you. Hidden Beach also earned the nickname Lover’s Beach as it is a picture perfect locale where couples can lay back on the soft sandy beaches and gaze up at the blue skies. While no man made structures exist on the island, wildlife are king as there are over 100 different species of fish and birds that have made this island their home.

Puerto Vallarta: The Hidden Beach


The Humpback Whales

Each year between December through April, you are virtually guaranteed an humpback whale sighting if you go whale watching as humpback whales migrate down to Puerto Vallarta’s warm Banderas Bay waters from Alaska’s cold waters to procreate and birth their young. During these months you will be blessed to witness humpback whale activity up close and in person. As you travel from mainland to Hidden Beach, you will witness humpback whales as they jump high and play as they spray water from their breathing hole. It is humpback whale mating season so you have a good chance of seeing an adorable baby whale swimming close to its mothers. The opportunity to see whales in this setting is an experience of a lifetime.


Heading to Puerto Vallarta for a getaway of a lifetime? Don’t forget to schedule a day to escape to the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta. An amazing experience that may even offer a chance of seeing humpback whales along the way. Plan your trip to visit the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta with a local tour company.  If you are staying in a luxury resort in the area such as Garza Blanca, just ask the front desk concierge and they will arrange a tour for you. The time is now…what are you waiting for?