Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta

Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta

Planning a vacation in Puerto Vallarta and looking for an adventurous activity that will make the most of the beautiful Banderas Bay views?  If so, parasailing is an activity you should definitely try out on your next Puerto Vallarta vacation. It is hard to beat the views from high above as you soar through Banderas Bay on a parasailing excursion. What better way to take in the charming old town of Puerto Vallarta, the lush Sierra Madre mountains and the beautiful bay all at once? Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta is a great way to enjoy Mexico’s natural beauty and have a thrilling experience all at once. It will definitely be a highlight of your trip!

Safety first

Safety during parasailing is the number one priority, so you will first be carefully fitted with a full body harness that is securely attached to the parachute.  The adventure begins as you stand on the beach in your gear, and then you will suddenly be whisked up and above once the boat picks up enough speed that the wind will lift you high above. Parasailing tours last around fifteen minutes and will take you up and down the coastline as you fly hundreds of feet in the air.  The breathtaking views and exciting adrenaline rush you will experience will make the moment hard to forget.

Excellent Climate

Wondering where to find some of the best weather that is consistently warm and sunny? Puerto Vallarta is the best spot as temperatures are warm and balmy year round with mostly sunny days, except for rainy season during the summer months. Puerto Vallarta parasailing weather conditions with clear, blue skies and sunny days create the perfect opportunity for parasailing while you enjoy the best views of the area.

Charm and nature at its best

The charm and natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta is hard to match.  With many beautiful beaches, lush, green mountains and charming cobblestone streets, Puerto Vallarta is a sought out vacation destination for tourists from all over the world. A waterproof camera is key so you can document your parasailing adventure from above.  Remember, get that great shot so you can share on Instagram, too!

Ready for an exciting vacation excursion that you will remember forever? Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta is an unique experience to get the best views around, and you get a thrill out of the adventure as well. Don’t forget to book a parasail tour next time you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta – you will enjoy every moment!