Mexico Amongst the Most Popular Destinations for International Tourism

The World Tourism rankings which are released three times per year are considered an indication of how desirable certain places are as vacation locations for international tourism. The results and analysis came in last month for 2016, and Mexico did exceptionally well! In fact, it beat off stiff competition in the form of Thailand, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, and the Dominican Republic to take the number 8 spot.

How are popular destinations ranked for international tourism?

The United Nations World Tourism Organization allocated this great ranking to Mexico based on the 2016 statistics regarding revenue garnered from inbound and outbound tourism, and the number of international visitors to the country.

Reasons for Mexico’s Popularity for International Tourism

If you take the Mexican newspaper El Universal at their word, the main reason for the recent increase in international tourism in Mexico is the great rate of exchange which European, Canadian, and American visitors get. The article, published in July this year, claims that the number of foreign visitors has risen a whopping 64% since 2012, and that in 2016 alone 9.6 million international tourists came to these shores.

More than just a great exchange rate

Of course a good exchange rate cannot possibly take all the credit. Mexico has long been a favored destination for international tourism thanks to its stunning natural landscape, biodiversity, and wonderful culinary experiences. The cheap and quick flights from major Canadian and US cities, of course, has helped, but by and large we would argue that the amazing amenities, culture, history, and family friendly attractions found across the nation count as a major factor in the Mexican rise in popularity.

Safety for international tourists in Mexico

The troubles on the Mexican-American border have given Mexico an undue reputation for being a dangerous place, and this common misperception has only been strengthened by the, often biased, media coverage. The truth, however, is much more complex (as so many things are) and part of this truth is that the major tourist destinations in Mexico can actually be safer than some major American and European cities! Most problems occur far from the popular destinations in Mexico for international tourism, and the likelihood of visitors becoming involved in crime or violence is slimmer than when visiting other major cities around the world. If you exercise the same good judgement and common sense while on vacation in Mexico as you do at home there is no reason why you should face any danger. Law-abiding tourists generally have nothing to worry about.

So, why do you think that Mexico has received such a great ranking in the latest release regarding most popular destinations for international tourism? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.