5 Best PV Cafes

Are you a coffee or tea connoisseur and you will be in Puerto Vallarta soon? Want to know where you can get your coffee or tea fix? There are numerous coffee houses and cafés in Puerto Vallarta where you can start your morning off with delicious coffee or tea. We have provided the top five best PV cafés that you should go to when you are visiting Puerto Vallarta. 

5 Best PV Cafes:

#1 A Page in the Sun

One of the best PV cafes that has been providing delicious coffees and pastries in Puerto Vallarta for years is A Page in the Sun. A Page in the Sun is located in Old Town near the Lazaro Cardenas park. This is the perfect place to drink your morning coffee or tea as you watch the passerbyers stroll by. The cakes and pies are all homemade and delicious. Visitors will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and if you enjoy reading, you can read a variety of books that are available for on site guests in Spanish and in English.  A Page in the Sun even allows guests to donate a book, and they will receive credit towards their next purchase and visit. 


#2 Mi Café 

Just inland a few blocks from the Malecon is Mi Café, which is near the Rio Cuale River. Mi Café has something that everyone will enjoy. They provide delicious breakfasts and lunch items in addition to great coffee. The Mi Café is a smaller restaurant with approximately twelve tables, and it is always a nice spot to enjoy breakfast with a friend or your partner. Mi Café prepares traditional Mexican breakfast choices and American choices such as French toast and smoked salmon bagels. The prices are very affordable and the serving sizes are quite large. This restaurant is quiet so you can bring your laptop with you and do some work, or just kick back and enjoy the morning in paradise. 


#3 Natureza 

The Versalles residential neighborhood is where you will find the Natureza Café.  Natureza Café is a charming café that offers specialty coffees, fresh juices, and healthy breakfast and lunch items. Guests can dine outdoors as there is seating provided outside on the sidewalk, but if you want to get out of the heat, then you can eat indoors where there is air conditioning. If you are a visitor or a resident that needs to do some work while they are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, you will be pleased to know that there is a Co-Work space provided by Natureza just off of the main road a couple of blocks away. 


#4 Dee’s Coffee Company

Dee’s Coffee Company is the perfect place to drink your morning coffee because the view is outstanding. Dee’s Coffee Company can be found a half a block inland from the Malecon boardwalk and the Puerto Vallarta Pier. They provide homemade pastries, scones, and fresh muffins baked every day and they are certainly delicious. The cranberry almond scone goes great with hot tea or coffee. There is also free Wi-Fi so you can surf the web or just read the news while you enjoy your morning coffee. 


#5 Café Oro Verde

Café Oro Verde is a hidden gem that is located in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood. Café Oro Verde grinds their personal coffee onsite in the restaurant, and they are a family owned and operated business. Many coffee lovers say that Café Oro Verde provides the best coffee in all of Puerto Vallarta. The secret to their coffee is the coffee beans that are roasted four times each day, and the owner is an expert about coffee and its culture. There isn’t a better way to start your day than with a cup of the Café Oro Verde coffee, and you can buy the coffee beans and take them back to your home when you leave Puerto Vallarta. Perfect as a gift or for yourself to enjoy.

These are the 5 best PV cafés. Each of them has something unique about them. Which one of these 5 best cafes in Puerto Vallarta is your favorite?