3 Fun Activities to Enjoy in PV During Summer

The summer months are on the horizon which means the heat is on in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! With great year round weather that attracts thousands of visitors each year, summer months in Puerto Vallarta can also bring extreme heat and humidity that can be a little intense at times if you aren’t used to such warm temperatures.  Are you planning a visit to beautiful Puerto Vallarta soon? If so, read our suggestions on 3 great ways to stay cool and have fun during a PV summer.   

Swimming In the Ocean

You can probably guess the best way to stay cool during a PV summer…swimming in the ocean! With miles and miles of beautiful beaches that both vacationers and locals love to visit,  swimming in the ocean in PV is one of the most enjoyable and refreshing activities to do during summer. If you want to be in the heart of the action and partake in some people watching at the same time, plan to go to Los Muertos beach which is in Old Town near the pier. You can set up shop at one of the numerous beachfront restaurants and lounge and relax all day in a chaise or swim in the picturesque waters. Take a break from swimming to  enjoy lunch and a cold beverage as you marvel at the natural beauty of Banderas Bay. If you’d rather have more privacy in a quieter setting, Conchas Chinas beach just south of town has one of the loveliest beaches in the whole bay. There are no restaurants at this beach so make sure to plan ahead and bring a picnic and a shade umbrella, chairs or beach blanket. Have you ever gone horseback riding on the beach? You can make the dream a reality by heading north to the quaint beachside town of Bucerias where you can horseback ride along the beach for a small price.  

Hike to Waterfalls and Swimming Holes  

Puerto Vallarta is also home to a number of great hikes that lead to swimming holes and even waterfalls. The local rivers tend to get quite dry during winter and spring months, but when summer comes it brings much needed rain to the area to replenish the area’s rivers and water holes.  Do you enjoy adventure in nature and crave to get off the beaten track? If you do, you should visit Palo Maria which is located next to the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa south of Puerto Vallarta. There you will encounter a lovely river that has several water holes which are perfect for a cool swim.  Why not set up under the shady giant trees that line the river and enjoy the natural surroundings. If you want to hike further, keep heading inland and you will find a lovely waterfall and more natural swimming holes where you can dive and float as you cool off. If you don’t mind driving a bit further, visit Chico’s Paradise 30 minutes south of downtown Vallarta near kilometer 20 on the PV-Manzanillo highway. Chico’s Paradise offers a beautiful river and rock formations as well as natural pools ideal for a relaxing dip. Don’t miss the delicious Mexican cuisine at the restaurant located near to the river so you can eat lunch and enjoy the incredible jungle and river views.  

Movie Time at the VIP Cinema  

If you have had enough of the heat and want to give your skin a much needed respite from the sun’s warm rays, why not go see a movie? Puerto Vallarta is proud to have its own VIP Cinema located at the new La Isla shopping center near Fluvial and the hotel zone. Get ready to chill out in style as you lounge back in a comfy leather recliner.  The VIP Cinema has a full menu with everything from sushi to hamburgers to delicious desserts, and you simply press a button located near to your seat and a waiter will come take your order. Enjoy the show as you sip a cold beer or eat some tasty snacks in a comfortable and relaxing setting. After the movie, you can shop at the many stores in the shopping center, and make sure to check out the turtle sanctuary and koi fish pond located near the main entrance. 

Did you enjoy our top 3 fun ways to cool off when the heat is on in Puerto Vallarta? If so, which do you want to try first?