Tips for Renting a Car in Puerto Vallarta

You can easily blend into the community in Puerto Vallarta with little or no Spanish. As far as transportation is concerned, there are taxis and public transportation, but you can get around even better when you rent your own car. The following information will help give you some insight on renting cars while in Puerto Vallarta.


Selecting a rental car company

If you have a company that you are used to using for car rentals, then choose that brand and keep your points (since most international brands can also be found in Puerto Vallarta). If you have no other choice but to choose a local company, make sure you do your research on prices and any customer feedback before choosing.


Things to remember in Puerto Vallarta

  • Don’t let being in a hurry keep you from doing a complete inspection of your rental. Thoroughly check out your vehicle—inside and outside. Take pictures if needed to prevent being charged for bumps, scrapes or dents you did not create.
  • Check out Google earth to get a feel of what types of traffic environments you may encounter in Puerto Vallarta. Also, keep in mind that you may have to pay a toll to use some roads, but the price is worth the enjoyment you will have.
  • If you book online, you may get a chance to receive discounts on the total price. But sometimes, the price does not include the cost of insurance. If you have the option, try to always select full coverage insurance.


Safety in Puerto Vallarta

Be aware of all Puerto Vallarta traffic laws while driving in this region. Know that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving without a seatbelt or using your cell phone to call or text is against Puerto Vallarta’s traffic laws just like these actions are in most other countries.


Never pick up hitchhikers, and always keep your doors locked while driving around the city and while at a traffic light. When being pulled over, always try to stay in your car while answering their questions.


Puerto Vallarta Road Signs to help you when renting a car Below is a small list of terms that may prove helpful when learning Puerto Vallarta’s Road Signs:


Curva Peligrosa – Dangerous Curve

Desviación – Detour

Conserva su derecha- Keep right

No estacionarse – No parking

No Rebase – No Passing

No Hay Paso – Road Closed

Despacio – Slow

Topes – Speed bumps

Alto – Stop

Ceda el paso – Yield


Moreover, take time to soak in the environment and admire the scenery while getting to know some interesting people in Puerto Vallarta. Family-operated stores and Oxxo stores are always around that you can go to for personal hygiene items, snacks and good coffee.