The Marigalante Pirate ship that sails the waters of Banderas Bay around the Puerto Vallarta area is an icon of the breathtaking resort destination. As you spend your vacation days and evenings around the bay, you will see that the ship is constantly on the go, delighting patrons with outstanding entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime.

Replica of Columbus’ Santa Maria

Designed as an exact replica of the Santa Maria which Columbus sailed upon during his journey to the Americas, the Marigalante is crafted from real wood and boasts four impressive decks and three wooden masts with sails that catch the breeze and direct the ship. The Marigalante provides three amazing tours, including excursions during the day and night plus a special Canadian tour, so you are sure to find one that best fits your wants and needs.


Day Tour

The entire family will have the time of their lives on this all-day cruise that travels to the spellbinding Majahuitas Island. On board the ship, you will dine on delicious cuisine including buffets for both breakfast and lunch, so you’ll have plenty of energy for all of the fun activities in store. Further fueling the fun, you will enjoy an open bar so you never go thirsty!

Once you reach land, pull up a beach chair and lounge to your heart’s content or get active with watersports such as snorkeling, kayaking or a wild banana boat ride. Land activities include beach volleyball and a hunt for buried treasure. Of course, no voyage aboard the Marigalante would be complete without a pirate show, so prepare for a dazzling display of entertainment complete with sword fights, cannons blasting and skilled acrobatics.



Night Tour

Appreciate the sweeping views of Puerto Vallarta as you cruise around Banderas Bay on this journey which starts shortly before sunset. Take advantage of the open bar as soon as you are on board the ship and get ready to witness some of the most spectacular swashbuckling entertainment you can imagine including a prehispanic show, a daring pirate battle with expert sword fighting, brilliant acrobatics, fireworks and a raucous pirate party! You are sure to be won over by the scrumptious full dinner served below deck as well. You’ll never forget an evening spent aboard the Marigalante! 



Canadian Night Tour

For all of you pirate fans from Canada’s 10 provinces, this tour is all for you! This brand-new tour is a four-hour cruise filled with loads of fun and laughter. Get in the pirate spirit with a drink from the open bar and toast the sunset along with your fellow Canadians. A fresh new pirate show will have you on the edge of your seat with its new storyline of pirate greed and betrayal which includes epic sword-fighting and a fireworks display. Your night is sure to be outrageous in the best way possible with dancing, games, and a delectable three course dinner.

Get to know the Mexican Pacific the pirate way with an adventure aboard the splendid Marigalante.