Boat Trips

The south shore of Puerto Vallarta boasts a lot of interesting places to visit by boat, each having its own unique charm and wonders. One can indulge on its panoramic settings as well as rich cultural and historical traditions with one of many boat trips taking you to these wonderful locations. Once you arrive to Puerto Vallarta’s south shore, a host of family activities can be enjoyed like taking a walk along its fabulous coastlines, resting beneath one its many palapas, and of course taking boat trips to favorite tourist spots like the Las Animas, Quimixto and Yelapa.

Boat trips to the South Shore

Las Animas, Quimixto and Yelapa are three of the most popular locations on Puerto Vallarta’s south shore that warrant a boat trip. To experience these small Mexican villages, you can arrive by water taxi, a chartered boat, or an organized boat trip with a tour company. Take a look below at what you could expect of a boat trip to these pretty locations.

Las Animas by Boat Trip

The town of Las Animas can be conveniently reached by boat or taking a hike along winding roads from Boca de Tomatlan. It can be your first great stop in exploring the entirety of the south shore area. Visitors are entertained in a variety of ways with many traditional restaurants and water activities to engage in. Sitting idly in one of the beach chairs on the water’s edge while looking at the vast blue ocean can relax the mind, while basking under the sun’s rays will perfect your tan. Its waters are safe for swimming for people of all ages, especially children.



If you travel further south, you can reach a hidden beach paradise known as Quimixto. This remains an unspoiled location with few touristic facilities; thus it retains that old Mexican charm. There are only a couple of basic places to eat here, but it’s the best place to experience nature’s beauty, enjoy the sea and mountains. Quimixto is a good place to simply relax and get away from the bustling city’s fast-paced life. A stunning waterfall can be reached by taking a 25 minute hike or by horseback; or better yet, try surfing here with the locals.

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The most celebrated of all south shore areas is Yelapa, a much sought after fishing town that can only be reached by a boat trip or water taxi. It provides the perfect escape from the pressures of life because of its tranquility. Bungalow houses, beachfront restaurants and a bohemian feel in a natural setting are just some of the things to see and feel in Yelapa. Those wanting to do more exploring can hike through rugged terrain and make a trip to one of two majestic waterfalls.

Truly, Yelapa and its nearby towns of Quimixto and Las Animas should head your list of boat trips when visiting Puerto Vallarta on your next vacation.