Famous Pirates

Were pirates just senseless savages? There could be something that is said of the pirate’s noble cause, despite the version of pirates that Disney has portrayed. The pirates of the golden age were the first group that rebelled against hard working conditions, divided wealth, and to honestly adopt democracy. Were pirate’s just senseless savages or simply petty thieves?


Senseless savages or rebels of the system

Pirates have really never been the type of men that we thought they were. During the “golden age of piracy” during 1650 – 1730 the picture of the pirate was they were senseless savages that were thieves, and this image was created by the British government with their propaganda. Many people thought that this was totally false. Crowds that was supportive of the pirates often rescued the pirates from the gallows. Why did they rescue the pirates? Maybe, they seen something that we haven’t.



Villains of All Nations was written by Marcus Rediker a historian. There is evidence of the pirates in his book. Back then if you were navy sailor or a merchant, then you may have been taken off the London’s East End docks, then forced to be on a floating wooden hell of a ship. They worked many hours on ship that was cramped and many of the men were starved, then if you happen to just slack off for a minute the captain would beat you with the Cat O’ Nine Tails, but if you continued to slack off, then you may have been thrown overboard. After many endless months or years, your wages would be withheld and stolen from you.


Rebels of the seas

The first people to ever rebel against the entire world were the pirates – regardless of nationality. They stood up and mutinied against their powerful captains, then they created better way to work on the seas. The pirates would get a ship, then they all voted for a captain, and all the decisions that needed to be made were made together. The pirates always shared their bounties in what the author Rediker called “One of the most equal and just plans for dividing all resources anywhere in the entire eighteenth century”. They were known to take in the African slaves to work and live with them as equals. They also showed that the ship didn’t have to be ran in such a harsh and brutal way that the merchant services and Royal Navy had done. Despite being unproductive thieves, the pirates were very popular.


One pirate from the golden age named William Scott who was a young British man that all should hear said, “What I did was keep myself from dying. I had no choice, but I was forced into living the pirate life”. The young man said that right before he was hung in Charleston, South Carolina.


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