Who Would You Find on a Pirate Ship?

Ex slave and pirate, Black Caesar was one of the longest lasting pirates during the Golden Age of Pirates. That is, his career spanned longer than most, despite meeting a sticky end at the hangman’s noose. After escaping from slavery and turning to piracy with another sailor, Pirate Black Caesar eventually joined the pirate ship of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which is one of history’s most famous pirate ships. Pirate Black Caesar the ex slave went on to become one of the wealthiest pirates of the New World.

Pirates and the Slave Trade

The slave trade was just beginning to take precedence during the Golden Age of Piracy as many Africans were either tricked or stolen by force to be sent to the slave plantations in the Americas and the Caribbean. Pirate Black Caesar began life as a feared warrior and leader of a tribe. He had a buff physical appearance and he was very intelligent. For most of his youth he was able to evade being captured and becoming a slave, but eventually, pirate Black Caesar was tricked by the promise of wealth and treasure to step aboard a slaver ship. Once he was safely aboard the ship, he was captured and sold into slavery.

A Natural Disaster Became a Blessing

A hurricane became a blessing for Black Caesar and changed his destiny from slave to pirate. When he was sold into slavery and was put on a slaver he became friends with one of the sailors. During a fatal hurricane the sailor released Black Caesar and freed him, stealing a longboat with supplies and weapons so that the two of them could escape. The slave ship sunk and the crew and captain lost their lives.

Small Time Pirates

After his escape from the slave ship, Black Caesar began pirating with his sailor friend from their longboat. They would act like their longboat was shipwrecked, so they could lure other ships passing by; then when the ships would get close to them they would rob them for supplies. The two would first tell the captain that if he didn’t comply with their orders they would sink his ship. This great idea lasted for quite a few years and this allowed the two men to stock up on treasures in the Florida Keys.

Jealousy and the End of a Beautiful Relationship

Pirate Black Caesar’s friendship with the man who saved him ended in tragedy when the two men fought over a woman. The woman in question was captured during one of their raids but the two men kept fighting over who would have her. The two wouldn’t stop arguing, which led them into a duel where Pirate Black Caesar the ex slave ended up killing his longtime best friend. Afterwards, Pirate Black Caesar gathering his own crew and started attacking ships that were traveling on the coast of West Indies.

Pirate Black Caesar and Blackbeard

Despite being a successful small time pirate in his own right, when Pirate Black Caesar was offered by Blackbeard to join his crew, he couldn’t resist the prospect of increasing his earnings. However, little did he know that his time on the Queen Anne’s Revenge pirate ship would end in his death. Blackbeard’s crew along with Pirate Black Caesar were caught and tried for piracy, which led to them being hung in 1718. This was the end of Pirate Black Caesar the ex slave and his pirating days during the Golden Age of Pirates.