Pirate Puerto Vallarta

If we were to ask you to imagine a pirate, ​we all tend to picture a pirate as a heartless thug pouncing on any stealing opportunity.  They look ruthless and tough, and probably have a wooden leg and parrot. But there’s more to pirates than the movies and literature show, Here are some of our 8 favorite trivia about pirates that might change the way you look at them.

 Trivia about Pirates

1) They were one clever set of dudes

Pirate captains who sensed that their ship was about to be captured, would find a way to escape being caught by pretending to be one of the crew.  Being the commander in chief of the pirate ship, he would be greatly punished (probably hung) if he fell into the hands of authorities.  So to escape, he would change his clothes to an old ones and mingle with his subordinates.  This way no one knew who he was.

2) Strategic Fear Tactics

The Jolly Roger Flag was the scariest pirate symbol and proved to be very effective in causing terror among people.  Upon seeing this skull and crossbones flag, ships surrendered without giving up a fight.  Most pirate ships simply utilized a black flag and they used it in most of their explorations especially in the Caribbean.

3) The Caribbean was one of the most famous havens for the pirates

The islands in the Caribbean were favorite pirate targets because they were near trade channels where treasure ships made their passage to Europe.  The harbor ports made a perfect hiding place for pirates.  But it was not just the Caribbean; the west coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean had their fair share of pirate action too.

4) High class pirates

Not all pirates were indecent and hopeless men who resorted to stealing as a desperate move to fight poverty.  Some of them, believe it or not, belonged to higher classes of society and some could even be considered rich before they began a life of piracy.  William Kidd, for example, was a great sailor and a very wealthy man when he decided to become a pirate while Major Stede Bonnet was a rich plantation owner when he left his nagging wife in exchange for becoming a certified pirate.

5) Never Whistle on a Pirate Ship

Whistling and women were not welcome aboard a pirate ship.  Both were considered bad luck in the ship’s voyage to piracy.  The former was seen as an act of posing a bad challenge to the wind while the latter was an reason for fights among pirates.  Both were believed to carry with them a bad omen that could spell tragedy.

6) Alcohol to relax

Pirates found a great way to relax themselves after a long and tiring journey.  They drink their favorite alcoholic beverage, grog.  It was made out of rum and diluted with beer.  So being put out on watch as a drunken pirate was more dangerous than a poisonous scorpion.

7) Carpenters were gold

Every pirate ship needed to have a skilled master carpenter. He was responsible for the ship’s repairs and renovations.  When a ship was “acquired,” it would be the carpenter’s job to renovated the space to make room for sleeping quarters for all pirates as well as provide a sturdy deck to house all the cannons.

8) Democratic Piracy

Believe it or not, democracy was upheld on most successful pirate ships.  Each pirate was able to voice out their grievances and preferences through a voting process.  Important issues were decided by majority votes, even regarding the direction in which the ship would sail.