Legends of the Deep – Sea Monsters

Legends of the Deep - Sea Monsters

Sea monster legends have long haunted people across the world for centuries.

Mythical sea creatures have been characterized as everything from a floating spirit, to humongous beasts,, to supernatural human-like creatures. Whether or not you think it is possible, one must realize that only 5% of the Earth’s seas have been explored. That’s such a small portion how can we truly know what it is out there lurking in the deep waters beyond our view. Let’s discuss five of the most well known sea monsters from across the globe.

Leviathan from Judaism

Some of the most popular legends about sea monsters include the story of Leviathan from Judaism. The Leviathan is a fire-breathing monster that boils the water around it to result in death for those unlucky enough to be nearby. The Leviathan combines two of Earth’s natural elements (water and fire) to massacre and torture innocent sailors. The creature is even detailed in the Bible where it is depicted as a savage and evil sea serpent.

Hydra from Greece

Another famous sea monster legend is the story of Hydra from Greece. Hydra is known as the guardian of the underworld and uses its razor sharp teeth and poisonous breath to murder sailors on the open sea. It also has a creepy, super power in that if one of its multiple heads is cut off, two will grow back in its place. Very horrifying indeed!

Qalupalik from the Inuit

Qalupalik from the Inuit is another mythical creature that is noteworthy. This evil mermaid has some human-like qualities but its green skin and long, pointy fingernails distinguish it from a woman. Children that play near the shore are at risk of kidnapping from the Qalupalik as she is said to lure them to the edge of the water with her beautiful singing voice. Some believe she devours the young whole, while others say she merely feeds off their youthful energy to preserve her beauty.  Either way, without a doubt it’s not a mermaid you’d like to come across!

Kraken from Scandinavia

Scandinavia’s Kraken was immortalized as a massive beast in the film Clash of the Titans. The kraken has taken on various physical forms over the years including a giant octopus, squid and even a crab. It is the largest sea monster ever dreamt up in human nightmares, supposedly growing to more than a mile in width. As a result of its enormous size, the Kraken has no problem engulfing an entire ship and all its crew at the same time. That’s certainly a big bite!

Ningen from Japan

Japan’s Ningen is another sea monster that is worth mentioning, although this one looks like a human being at first glance. However, if you look closer you will see the Hingen is missing a nose and has fins and tail in addition to its human like arms, legs and hands.  The noseless ningen enjoy terrorizing sailors and shipmates by flaunting their creepy form just above the sea’s surface.  Do you dare come closer to get a better look?

Myth or true story?

Wherever you are in the world, there are sure to be stories and tales of sea monsters to invoke fear and intrigue in those who listen to the myths. Many years of exploring uncharted waters resulted in legends claiming these mythical sea creatures feed on humans and that few escape who live to tell the tale of their experiences. Do you believe in scary sea monsters, or are these merely fictional tales created as entertainment for those bored at sea. Or is there in fact any truth to these tales? I guess one will only truly know if they are lucky (or unlucky) enough to witness a sea monster in person for themselves.

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