Henry Avery’s Pirate Ship – The Fancy

Pirate Ship

Who wouldn’t fancy the great Henry Avery’s pirate ship aptly named The Fancy. It was one of the most famous privateering ships of the 17th century when the dreaded pirates of the seas lorded it over during their heydays. Its equally famous captain Henry Avery, who was once a part of the Royal Navy, commandeered it and brought it to the top of the treasure looting ships of the golden age.

The Fancy pirate ship actually started life as the Charles II, and was seized by Pirate Avery in a celebrated mutiny in Spain during the year 1964. A short lived career with the Indian Ocean as its playground, the Fancy claimed an enormous stolen fortune which Avery and his men used for bribes while seeking shelter in the gorgeous island of Bahamas in 1965.

The Fancy pirate ship was armed enough to qualify as a potential military ship. A 46-gun arsenal made it quite a battle readied ship for the country of Spain under the control of one Captain Gibson. A mutiny initiated by Henry Avery on May 7, 1694 saw it changed ownership and status; from being a Spanish service ship to a high profile piece of machinery for the journeying pirates. It sailed to the Cape of Good Hope from its former home in A Coruña, and was given a new name from Charles II to Fancy.

Henry Avery decided to strengthen and improve the Fancy as they sailed the pirate ship further and had it stationed in the island of Johanna in the Comoros Islands. It underwent some works that focused on its speed and agility when traversing the deep oceans. Its hull became barnacle and weed free, plus some excess parts in the exterior of the ship that give much weight to it were strategically removed. The Indian Ocean then bore witness to how quick the refurbished Fancy became, and its new found speed was an instrument in conquering a treasure-laden French pirate ship. Aside from the sizeable loot, about 40 crew of the victim ship has reinforced greatly the manpower capability of Fancy that totaled to about 150 strong.

It also has 62 cannons as part of its arsenal which has proven to be very beneficial whenever they attacked other ships, including rival pirate ships. The Fancy pirate ship had its own fair share of setbacks, experiencing a cannon explosion that claimed the lives of some of its gunners. Fancy’s string of criminal success was put to a halt when Avery decided to return to Nassau Bahamas, and eventually calling it quits as he heads home to Britain aboard the small sail ship Isaac.

Fancy was said to be given as a form of a bribe and was left in the hands of the governor of Nassau. Wherever Fancy is, no doubt that it has left its mark as one of the sturdiest pirate ships of all time.