Did Pirates believe in sea monsters? While sea monsters are generally considered to be folkloric creatures that inhabit the deep ocean, some sea monsters are based on real creatures. Usually, they are very large in size and found in various forms such as sea dragons, sea serpents, or tentacled beasts. Many sea monsters can be slimy and scaly because of the salt water environment they reside in. Usually, they are pictured threatening ships or spouting huge jets of water. One of the most common sea monsters that pirates believed in was the Kraken whose origins date back to Nordic folklore. In fact, the earliest written reference of the Kraken dates all the way back to 1180. Keep reading more to learn what sea monsters pirates believed in.

Sea Monster Kraken

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Did Pirates Believe in Sea Monsters? Pirates and sailors were the first people who saw the sea monster Kraken in person. At that time, it was determined that it was most likely a very large squid or animal. The sea is a dangerous place and that any encounter with an unknown creature could prompt a legendary tale. The Kraken was feared by sailors and pirates and they believed it was a leviathan that was sent to prey on unwary ships at sea. The fearsome creature had many tentacles, and resembled a giant squid. Supposedly, the Kraken was as long as 10 ships. Likewise, the biggest giant squid ever documented was almost 43 feet (13 m) long, including its tentacles.

More About the Kraken 

Kraken were extremely dangerous to anyone or anything that came too close to them. Supposedly, they are believed to be the female counterparts of sea dragons, since no female dragon has ever been seen. In 2012, a team of marine scientists filmed a young sea dragon in its natural habitat, about 2,000 feet (630 m) below the sea south of Japan. While the Kraken is tough and can be deadly, it isn’t invincible. A crew can successfully fend off the Kraken and force the beast to retreat back into the depths by working together.

16th Century Legend Soe Orm

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Another sea monster that was feared by pirates in the 16th century was the Soe Orm. A creature of unimaginable size and terror was basically a very large sea serpent that was 200 feet long and 20 feet in diameter. Supposedly, the Soe Orm lived in rocks and in holes near the shore of Bergen, Norway. The Soe Orm would only come out of its cavern on summer nights when the weather was warm to hunt for calves, lambs, or hogs. In the ocean, the Soe Orm would also eat cuttlefish, lobster, and all kinds of sea crabs. Legend says that the sea monster Soe Orrm long hair hanging from its neck and sharp, dark brown scales, and brilliant flaming eyes. In addition to the Kraken and Soe Orm, pirates also feared the white whale and iguana monsters

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