Plan a Pirate Party

Are you intrigued by pirates and want to plan a pirate party? There are a lot of easy party ideas that will help make your pirate themed party the best day ever. Continue reading below to get some ideas on ways to make your pirate party a good time for all.


Pirate Party Invites

An easy way to start planning your pirate party is with a pirate inspired invite. If you can hand them out in person, try creating a simple map in a bottle invite. All you need is a bottle, some sand, and a rolled up map inside. Simple and easy way to create a fun invitation that will get everyone excited about your pirate party.


Pirate Party Decor

Create a pirate mood by using a red and white tablecloth with black panels that is reminiscent of the typical pirate attire. A tattered pirate flag placed in the middle of the table makes a cute centerpiece, especially when surrounded by booty such as gold foil covered chocolate coins or jewels.  


Pirate Party Snacks

Popular snacks can be used to complete your pirate themed party. Ring Pops could double as Crown Jewels, Black Gumballs could be used as cannon Balls, and Gummy Coke Bottles could serve as Captain’s Rum.  Swedish Fish could also be used as Fish Bait. Check Pinterest if you want to make some more intricate snacks to feed your guests.


Pirate Party Games

A fun game that pleases both kids and adults alike is a “walk the plank” idea. Create your own plank using a sturdy wooden board and safely secure it to blocks, bricks, or crates at both ends. Fill a small kiddie pool with water underneath and add some inflatable sharks to add a bit of fun. Whoever successfully walks across without falling in could win a prize.  Another easy party game idea involves using black balloons as cannon balls. Have your guests try to pop the cannon balls by sitting on the balloons till they pop. Fun and easy!


Pirate Party Costumes

Wondering what to wear for your pirate party? You can check out local costume shops where you can find complete pirate outfits that can be rented or purchased. Looking to stay on budget?  All you really need is an eye patch, red bandana for your head, and a felt black pirate hat. Don’t forget to add the white skull for effect! Better yet ask your guests to come dressed in their best pirate gear and have a contest for the best dressed pirate.  Best dressed pirate wins a prize!


What are you waiting for? Shake your wooden leg and start making your invitations and begin planning your Pirate party now!