The monarch butterfly has orange wings that are laced with black lines and bordered with white dots. Every year around November, they begin a long journey of 3,000 miles migrating from Canada and the United States down to Mexico. If you are traveling in Mexico during November through March, plan a visit to a Monarch butterfly sanctuary. Seeing the beautiful butterflies fluttering in the sky is a magical experience that everyone will enjoy. Keep reading more below about the beauty of monarch butterflies in Mexico.

The Beauty of Monarch Butterflies

The monarch butterflies begin their journey to Mexico sometime around November each year. They arrive in the forests in the state of Michoacan and cuddle together to stay warm on tree trunks. There are more than twenty million butterflies that arrive in Mexico each year. They usually fly around 120 miles each day depending on wind currents and the day’s weather. The butterflies are able to go faster when they catch a ride on warm-air currents.  The warm air currents allow the butterflies to cover more distance and conserve energy. The butterflies only travel during the day and rest and recuperate at night. The perfect time to see the monarch butterflies is between the months of January through March. The butterflies don’t flutter as much during other months due to colder temperatures. 

Monarch Butterfly Facts

Did you know that North America tropics is home to the monarch butterflies? On average, an adult monarch butterfly weighs less than 1 gram and has a wingspan of about 4.5 inches. The average adult only lives a few weeks, but they also breed a special generation of monarchs that can live up to 9 months. That special breed stores nectar in order to migrate for the winter. Their main food source is milkweed which is toxic to other species. On the contrary, milkweed actually protects the monarch butterflies as the protective milkweed settles in their wings to ward off predators. It also helps more butterflies to survive the long journey of 3,000 miles to Mexico. 

Butterfly Sanctuaries 

If you headed for vacation in Mexico soon, make sure to plan a visit to a monarch sanctuary. January and February are the busiest months at the butterfly sanctuaries when the butterfly population is at its peak. The sanctuaries tend to be open from 6:00am to 6:00pm daily. In order to avoid large crowds, plan your visit to the sanctuary during the week as weekends are more busy. Two of the most popular sanctuaries in Mexico to visit are the Sierra Chincua and El Rosario. Likewise, the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is an excellent place to visit. In fact, in 2008 UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site. 

Journey Up North

Each year, female monarch butter will lay more than 400 eggs each. Before they start the journey up north, female monarchs will collect nectar for energy. Some of the monarch butterflies will start fluttering in mid March in the hopes of catching a ride on a warm air current. Warm air currents give the butterflies an extra push on the journey home back to the United States or Canada.  New butterflies will know exactly where to fly home thanks to information passed down genetically from their ancestors. 

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