2021 has arrived and the new year is always a great time to evaluate the past year and look ahead to the future, too. During 2020, the COVID pandemic created many challenges for individuals and businesses. Do you live in PV or hope to vacation in the area soon? If so, consider supporting the local community SPCA this year. Despite a lack of funding, the local PV SPCA animal shelter did their best in 2020 and are in need of donations. During your vacation to PV, make sure to book a tour on the Marigalante pirate ship. It’s a top Puerto Vallarta tour that entertains visitors with incredible acrobatics, live music, a gourmet dinner and premium open bar. In the meantime, keep reading below about how the PV SPCA needs your support in 2021.

Support the PV SPCA

Over 12 years ago, the local SPCA was created to help abandoned dogs and cats in the area. SPCA International works with the Puerto Vallarta SPCA to further their goals that were established by founder, Janice Chatterton. When Chatteron passed away in March 2019, Luz Maria Wong took over the SPCA to continue Chatterton’s legacy. Today, she works tirelessly to help abandoned dogs and cats in the area. The shelter-based group primarily focuses on the rescue, medical care, rehabilitation and adoption of abandoned and stray animals. In 2019, more than 250 animals were successfully rescued and adopted. Plus, over 500 animals were sterilized at free spay and neuter clinics. The PV SPCA is a no-kill shelter that provides sanctuary to animals who are unadoptable because of disabilities and needs your help to continue their work. 

COVID and the SPCA 

As you can imagine, the COVID pandemic created problems for the SPCA as it did for many businesses across the world. Due to quarantine measures, normal fundraising activities in 2020 were not possible. As a result, the SPCA had limited resources to work with and was unable to fly many adopted animals to Canada/US as they have done in the past. They also were not able to accept as many new animals into the sanctuary.  Despite limited resources, Luz Maria and her staff did their best to keep the SPCA functioning.  In fact, they were able to rescue over 110 animals and place 103 animals in adoptive homes in 2020. In addition, they were also able to sterilize 210 animals in low income neighborhoods.

Donations to SPCA 

Do you have plans for a vacation in Puerto Vallarta soon? If you do, why not make the most of your vacation and give back to the local SPCA? The new year is a great time to share your blessings with others. By donating your time or money, you can help the local SPCA to take care of the area’s animals in need. Plus, your donation is tax-deductible, too. Contact the Puerto Vallarta SPCA at spcapv@gmail.com today and give back to others in need. 

Puerto Vallarta has so much to offer visitors and local residents. If you want to vacation in PV, make sure to book a tour on the Marigalante pirate ship adventure. It is one of Puerto Vallarta’s top tours and guests are always thrilled with their experience. Set sail and cruise through Banderas Bay aboard a 17th century replica pirate ship as you enjoy world class entertainment, a gourmet meal and premium open bar.  Remember, the SPCA in Puerto Vallarta needs your help to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for abused and neglected street animals. Plan a vacation to Puerto Vallarta and help support the local PV SPCA, too. You can give back and have a great vacation in paradise, too!