International speak like a pirate day is on September 19th and it’s a perfect excuse to speak like a pirate for the day and have some jolly old fun. If you are wishing to channel your inner pirate and learn the lingo then this article may be able to assist you.


You may be wondering why people wish to speak like a pirate. Well to be honest it is simple, the fact is it is so much fun and sometimes sexy; look no further than Captain Jack Sparrow. Also, if you are planning on a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, then you will want to join the pirates on the Marigalante pirate ship for a once in a lifetime boat tour.



Starting out – Speak like a Pirate

To start with you must always have the pirate look about you which will endeavor to help with your pirate lingo. Grit your teeth and open slightly on one side when speaking. Speak with a low voice, growl and mutter to yourself before finally speaking with confidence; there is no such thing as a shy pirate (most are drunk anyway).


Swearing like a pirate

It is helpful when you are beginning to speak like a pirate to start your sentence with ‘“ayy me matey” or “arghhh!”. This will get you in the mood and make everyone stand to attention. Pirates don’t swear much, instead their language is more creative. For example instead of saying “you smell like s***!” you could say “ayy me matey, ye look like ye a bin swimmin in the sewers.”


Lazy endings

It is key to leave off the “g” at the end of the words like “comin,” “shootin” and “lootin.” This gives you that authentic accent. Pirates don’t say ‘and’ or ‘of’, either. For example “me friend n’ I” and “the back o’ ship.”


Use your hands

When talking it’s great to use hand gestures and exaggerated mannerisms when you are describing something. You can wave your hands or walk with a limp. Every detail adds to the pirate swag.



Although there is a fine line between lying and extending the truth, pirates tend to exaggerate a lot when describing things. They wouldn’t say “oh we saw a big shark,” they would say “me n’ me jolly crew saw inside the jaws o’ the ocean’s wildest beast, the mother o’all sharks.” It all add to the effect!


Slurring for effect

Finally, if in doubt, slur your words. Pirates are not that coherent, like Jack sparrow who sounded drunk throughout the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, pirates tend to talk with a slur. Conjoin your words and slur through your speech to add to the authenticity.


Whatever you do just have fun with and really find your inner pirate swag. Then go out and party with the best of them on the Marigalante pirate ship on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.