Pirate Ship Vallarta You Should Know About Pirates

So, you are a pirate fan, and think you know all the facts there is about them? Well, you will be surprised when you see all the facts that are listed below. Who knows, we might have missed a few, and if we did, then add the facts about pirates you know in the comment box provided after the blog post.

10 Top Facts about Pirates for ya matey!

1. Who would have thought that pirates used the democratic voting that we still use today? Pirates voted on certain missions that they would partake in.

2. Anytime a pirate captain thought his ship was in danger of being captive, pirate captains would hurry up and change into the crew’s clothing, so they wouldn’t be considered a pirate, and they would be able to get away.

3. One effective way that pirate ships could scare away any enemies was to fly the Jolly Roger Flag, which was a flag that had a scary skull and crossbones on it. Many pirate ships just used a plain black flag, but you could often see many pirate ships flying the Jolly Roger Flag around the Caribbean seas.

4. Women was often thought of as a bad luck item on a pirate ship, and this is why women wasn’t on board many pirate ships. The Blackbeard’s ship didn’t care about that myth, because they would often have women on their pirate ship.

5. Whistling on a pirate ship was forbidden, because it was thought to bring bad luck to the ship. If a pirate whistled against the wind, then this was even worse, because that was considered a challenge for the wind.

6. The Egyptians in the early 1500 BC throughout the 1720 BC were known to be plagued by pirates. Pirates have been around for centuries.

7. Carpenters were as important as the captain on a pirate ship due to the skills they possessed. A carpenter could stabilize the deck of the ship to hold added cannon weight, and add bunks and room to the pirate ship. If you were a carpenter, then you were treated very well upon any pirate ship.

8. Grog is the drink of choice for pirates. Grog is an alcoholic drink that is made by diluting rum, then adding beer or water to it. Grog tastes great hot or cold, and depending on the supplies on the ship the pirates would add sugar to sweeten the Grog or add lime juices or even spice to change the taste and flavor.

9. Many believe that pirates wore earrings as part of their outfit, but a pirate would wear earrings, because they thought it would make their eyesight better.

10. What is a pirate? A pirate is someone who committed any crime while at on the ocean and sea. The crime could be as simple as petty theft up to murder.